Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rat tat tat

As I sit here writing I can hear a rattling in my every breath. I have pneumonia so that would begin to explain the issue. Still you have to think, that really can't be good. When I breathe, it sounds like paper being crumpled up. Definitely not good. I'm on some antibiotics but I'm not too sure they are working all that well. I get up in the night and almost cough up a lung and I feel like I'm losing some serious oxygen. Just an FYI that pneumonia happens when your capillaries that usually hold air fill up with fluids, ie green and yellow gunk, oh yeah, good times! The moral of my story is, go to the doctor early, don't wait until it turns into pneumonia. That paper rattling noise is rather annoying.

Learning how to do the watermelon crawl

So this week my daughter finally began crawling. It was such an exciting time for my husband and I as we watched her actually move from place to place without having to just throw her body there. That is how she has done it up to now. Also, she does this back up thing where we say, "Beep, beep, beep", I suppose you probably had to be there but trust me, it's quite amusing.

Anyway, as she gets faster and understands more that she is actually able to move herself from place to place without the assistance of her sucker mom, I just see how this little miracle is changing right before my eyes. Less than 10 months ago she was just a bundle of blankets wrapped up and ready to come home from the hospital, and now she is becoming more and more independent of her mama. Amazing how that works, the rest of her life is going to be more and more of the same. It's a strange knowledge, it's really the circle of life, but, it kind of makes me sad. :(

Friday, November 17, 2006

Go Grandpa

Last week most of my maternal side of the family (minus my husband and brother-in-law, oh, and aunt that talks to horses) went to Tampa to memoralize my grandfather with his friends in the community where he had a home since 1979. Good old Regency Cove. The place has changed in lovely small ways in the past 27 years, thanks in large part to my grandpa. He was what my grandmother kept referring to as "an icon" in the community. Now, I'm not quite sure she actually knew the definiton of the word icon, but I think we all got what she meant, and if it helped her to feel better in her grief, why not let her hold on to that belief?

Anyway, I digress, after I returned home I decided to look up Grandpa's old battalion to see if I could find out more about this soldier who had served his country proudly in WWII. I was thrilled to see his batallion had a website talking about their time serving. I got to know a little bit about the pioneer my grandpa was. Apparently, his batallion rode into the Marshall Islands and Guam on these amphibious vessels called Amtanks. They had never been used before for any reason so it was a risk and an experiment. They would go from water to land in suprise attacks on the beach. Many men were killed as they were learning to use them and there was no manual for really how it would work, so they were brave to be the first. thankfully, Grandpa made it through and lived 81 wonderful years to tell about it. Go Grandpa!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why so difficult?

So I've just decided to come back to and I'm not sure if I'm going to stay. I mean it's not like I had so many blogs here to begin with. For some reason I started out 3 strong over a year ago and then I forgot all about it and moved on with life. Well, just recently I've decided I like to blog, gives me a good place to vent I guess, so even though I blog on myspace I decided to keep an additional one here. In trying to figure out just how to put a picture on it though I've gotten so frustrated I almost gave up altogether. I mean, why does it have to be so difficult? Whatever happened to good old fashioned cut and paste? So, so much easier.