Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday's Feast

What is your favorite vacation spot in the United States?
San Diego, CA

If someone else (friend, co-worker, family) brings up a religious or political topic, how likely are you to join the conversation, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = not likely, 10=very likely).
1, because being a conservative, I usually have the unpopular view and get harassed for it. It's funny how small minded people can be (who particularly believe they are the most open minded) when you tell them you have a different opinion then them. I'm just sayin'...

What song do you listen to when you feel very sad?
I'll listen to a lot of Carole King, Nat King Cole or James Taylor. They just make me happy.

Main Course
Someone you really admire is coming over for a home-cooked dinner. What do you serve him/her?
Something out of my Tyler's Ultimate book I'm sure!

If the only form of transportation left in the world is by animal (horse, mule, camel), where would you live?
Same place. We have lots of roads and you could seriously get anywhere by animal.


Nita said...

Nice one! Mine is up as well. Hope you can check it out...
Nita's Corner

Stone Girl said...

Nice Feast! Thanks for joining.

I think your soup observation is very wise. I love my old college town, but I have been known to refer to many of the inhabitants as "the most close-minded liberals I've ever seen." They think the two phrases are mutually exclusive but, sadly, no.

Cyndi said...

Good post. I agree about the "open" minded people. It seems to me that people who shout "acceptance" and "tolerance" are the least accepting and tolerant people.

I haven't tried out Tyler'l Ultimate cookbook yet! I will give that a try!

Carrie said...

You know, I DID forget you were over here. I thought I had added you to my bloglines list, and I was just wondering the other day why you hadn't been blogging. I missed you!
Yeah, that's a big DUH on my part.
I'll take care of the changes now...
God bless :)

Christined said...

Same with me, you were updating both, so I just went either off my bloglines, or your comments.

I am the same way both with your appetizer and soup. I don't get into conversations, that are controversial, because I feel either side will get defensive, and if it's not constructive, I just don't want any part of it.

No feast for me this weekend.

Have a great weekend Amy!

Gabriel said...

Excellent choices for your salad! You can't go wrong with those three. :0)

My post...

Hope you had a great Friday! :-)