Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ever have one of those moments that you just know you'll remember forever? Like when you first saw those two blue lines or you got a letter telling you that you did not get in to your first choice school or the day the man of your dreams got down on one knee?

Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. My husband, kids and I were sitting down to lunch at a local pizza place when the cell phone starting buzzing.

Me: Hello

Woman: Ms. ....

Me: This is.

Woman: Hi, this is Kelly at Dr. ... office. I was just calling to tell you that the x-ray showed the nodule on your lung is new since November. You'll need to schedule a CT scan. I'll transfer you now.

Me: (Looking at my two babies, just enjoying their pizza) Huh???

Now, to give a little background. I get pneumonia pretty easy so when I was coughing quite a bit last week, I just told the doctor to give me an x-ray so if it were pneumonia we could nip it in the bud. When they called me a few days later and said there was a nodule on my lung and did I know anything about that, I was so confused.

I mean, really, what the heck is a nodule?

They don't know. I don't know. Hopefully, on Wednesday (well, sometime after Wed) when I get the CT scan, more will be known.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Amy,
I will be sincerely praying for you! What a complete shocker! I don't know what a nodule is either, but hopefully it will be nothing too serious! Sending a hug your way during this uncertain time :)

Shelley said...

Praying that the Lord will give you peace as you pass through this storm. I love you and will gladly walk beside you too!

Shelley said...

I have decided a nodule is a BIG hunk of harmless yuck left over from pneumonia.

How is that for a scientific answer for ya?

Amanda said...

most definitely praying for you dearest amy. keep us posted...

Carrie said...

Girl, I am praying for you. I agree with Shelley.

Don't freak out just yet. It could be nothing.

I am praying, regardless.

Sugar and Spice said...

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gail said...

Well, they can't be too concerned if they didn't bring you in right away, right? Praying. g