Friday, December 10, 2010

Yesterday, at co-op

Lilla attends kindergarten once a week at a homeschool co-op. She goes in for two hours, does crafts, learns about things like worms and friends, sings some songs, eats a snack and comes home. She loves it.

We are fortunate it is a Christian based co-op and they often talk about Jesus and sing songs like Jesus loves me.

Yesterday they apparently talked about the Christmas story. You know, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, probably the Angel of the Lord too.

At some point they talked about Jesus birth.

Lilla thought that would be the appropriate time to inform the class, and I quote, "Jesus came out of Mary's booty."

Pray for me. Please.


gail said...

Oh, my! Just smile, shrug your shoulders and don't comment!

Janet said...

Sorry but I just laughed out loud at this! Some day she is going to read this words and be so embarrased. LOVE IT!!!

Full of Grace said...

LOL!!! :) That's TOO FUNNY! :)

Rachel said...

That is so many different kinds of awesome.

I love. ;-)