Monday, August 22, 2011

The mothership

For several years now, on any given Sunday, if you had needed to find me there would have been one place to start...Borders. It was a little haven for me on Sundays while my husband and kids had some family time with his parents and siblings to just recharge for the week, find a comfy chair and read...whatever.

I have always loved Borders. So unpretentious. So full of cheap books. So perfect for spending hours and hours lost in reading.

Yesterday I went there for what may be the last time. Looking like this. It was all yellow.
Seriously depressing.

I still spent a good two hours there. Although there are no more yummy treats waiting to be discovered in the cafe. No more comfy chairs to be curled up in. No more of the latest magazines to peruse.

Like I said, depressing.

My husband texted asking if I had found something I was supposed to be looking for in town that day. I told him I hadn't. I had gone to two stores, hadn't found it and then the mothership had called me home.

I didn't even need to say Borders, he knew. My mothership.

I'm sure going to miss her...


Asia said...

Never shop ther. It is sad to see a lot of store closing thou.

Full of Grace said...

I always hate to see bookstores close..It seems to be a trend the last few years..I guess people just dont' read as much as they used to anymore.. Thankful for yard sales and that there is still barnes and noble or we would be in huge trouble because I think they are the only remaining bookstore left..

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