Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten Smile Tuesday

I've been pretty neglectful of pictures lately as I've taken so few due to just being tired. Even having to get up to get the camera is a feat these days! I just feel like an out of breath weeble!

So, I thought I would just do my 10 recent favorite snapshots. They aren't in the last week as I haven't even taken any since last Tuesday, which is HIGHLY unusual for me, but they are in the last few weeks. The peanut and I have spent a lot of time laying in bed watching Disney movies while I wait out the next 4 weeks, so not too much to capture photography wise in those moments, as you can imagine. Just us in our PJ's, passing some time with Pinnochio!

Without further ado now, here are my recent faves:

This is my new favorite picture. I took it very randomly in my backyard a couple of weeks ago and am just in love with it! Who could resist that smile?

My little monkey! Oh, she was cute for Halloween!

We couldn't let fall go by without at least one romp in the leaves!

Last week when I was in the hospital Michael brought the peanut to me. She was so excited, she just jumped in the hospital bed yelling, "Mommy!!" So sweet!

Just a random pic of all of us!

We'd been in the car for a long trip and I thought the peanut needed a break. We found this hill and showed her how to roll down it. She enjoyed even more rolling daddy down!

Secrets only daddy and the peanut are in on!

A walk across our bridge had to be captured!

That laugh is contagious!

At my brother's wedding rehearsal she jumped up on stage and started singing/dancing. What an entertainer she is!

What is making you smile today?


Rebecca said...

oh what sweet pictures!! i adore the secrets with daddy pic! so so precious!

libbs rarely naps anymore either, but it's so nice if she happens to fall asleep for a little nap.

thanks for sharing your pictures...have a great week!

Amanda said...

love seeing all the pics...especially of her and daddy. my goodness you all make a sweet and cute little family...and soon to be fam of 4. i totally am going to come visit once miss anna arrives...and bring you dinner and some other stuffs. i can't wait! :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Very, very cute pics!
She is a doll.

Anonymous said...

Daddy holding hands crossing the bridge. Blow it up and have it framed!

Hope you are feeling well. Praying for your and Anna's safety. g

tami and todd said...

What a great post, I love all of the pictures! I love the cute little monkey, the random family picture, and especially the daddy/daughter ones... precious! I hope you are doing okay these days!

Chelle said...

so much sweetness...what a doll your Lilla is! And the pictures are adorable!!!