Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I sure hope it is a delightful one for each of you and that you get a chance to reflect on all the things you are thankful for today. I know many have had difficult years, finances are unsure and things don't usually go as planned, but I hope today will be a day to celebrate the big and small joys you've experienced, to laugh with your loved ones and see how God is using you in His greater plan.

Every Thanksgiving I write down 365 things that I am thankful for. I'm going to spare you an entire list, but instead write down 50 things off the top of my head. There is never really an order, rhyme or reason, but just things I want to thank God for. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

1. Jesus, because without Him, I wouldn't know how to give real praise
2. Michael, my husband
3. Lilla, my daughter
4. Anna, my soon to be born 2nd daughter
5. There are only 19 days left before Anna is!
6. My home
7. A bed to sleep in every night
8. Food in my cabinets
9. A decent paying job for my husband
10. My husband being good with money so all the bills do get paid
11. Carrie, my very good friend
12. Shelly, my very good friend
13. MOPS
14. My home church
15. My pastor, who honestly loves the Lord with all His heart and does everything trying to serve Him
16. My small group who teach me a lot
17. My Bible
18. The freedom to own and read a Bible
19. The ability to read
20. The book, Sheperding a Child's Heart, which is teaching me so much
21. My mom, who is trying to serve God wholeheartedly
22. My stepdad, for loving my mom these last 20 years
23. My sister, Erika
24. Her husband, Russ, who really does love her
25. All my nieces and nephews (seriously, it would be a long list!)
26. All my brother and sister in laws (there are MANY!!)
27. My in-laws, they are very kind to me in so many, many ways. I am very fortunate to have them and not that quintessential mother-in-law you always hear about.
28. My sister-in-law, Stephanie, who sat with me in the hospital for hours and hours the other day, so I wouldn't be alone
29. My brother, David and new sister-in-law, Jody, for being happy together
30. Worship music, there's nothing like it!
31. My bloggity friends, I've met so many wonderful ones!
32. Water, clean fresh water...I'm seriously thankful for it. Particularly since I drink so much of it these days!
33. Ice cubes, because I like my drinks almost to the point of freezing.
34. My dog, Ellie. She's just so sweet and loving with these big brown eyes. That makes me happy!
35. My dog, Buddy, who really is a lover too. He's a puppy so he's wild, but he's a lover anyway.
36. Having my own car to be able to go places in. (At this time last year my hubby's car died and I had to go a month without one!)
37. Storytime at the library, such an enjoyable time for Lilla and I!
38. My friend, Shelly's kids, who seriously love the peanut. It's so fun to see them play together, even though they are older, they just adore her. She loves it!
39. The ability to have gone to Florida this past June just days before my grandmother passed away. I'm thankful to have been able to say my last good-byes in person.
40. The summer bible study we did. I learned a lot and got closer to some new women I might not of otherwise got to know so well.
41. Antibiotics, because they seriously healed me pretty fast last week.
42. Ultrasounds, because it is so lovely to spend time with my little girl!
43. The election process. Even though it may not have turned out as I had hoped, I am still thankful to live in a country where we have the freedom to elect instead of a dictatorship or a monarchy.
44. Laughter, I've had a lot of it this last year and it sure has made my days brighter!
45. Tears. There's an old quote that says, "Tears are the soap of the soul", and I really believe that is true. There is nothing like a good cry!
46. Facebook. Silly, I know, but it has put me in touch with many very old friends, that I thought I'd never hear from again!
47. Photography. Due to photography I am able to capture so many wonderful moments of my daughter's life that otherwise would be gone.
48. My daughter's innocence. It is lovely to see her still not jaded by the world.
49. The military, including my little brother, Chris. They really have so much courage and it is amazing to me what they do every day. Hoo-rah!
50. And finally, for faith, hope and love. Where would I be without any one of them?

I hope all your Thanksgiving days are full of joy today! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Lynn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm Lynn - I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but I always love your 10 smile Tuesday - it's helped me to be more aware of the little things that happen throughout each day and week. Anyway I know its not Tuesday, but I just wanted to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, lovely post, Amy. Thank you. g

Julie said...

Hey Amy! Give me your e-mail address. I don't seem to have it. E-mail me at!!!!!!


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