Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something beautiful

Do you see something beautiful in these pictures?

I do.

This morning when Lilla woke up, the first thing she said to me was, "Where Daddy?" Wednesdays he has off of work so I replied he was in the garage working on the car. He said she could come out there with him so I got her ready and headed her out. A short while later I went in the garage to check on her, just in case Michael got busy and she "got away". This is the sight I saw. My little girl watching Daddy working. Just content to watch Daddy work.

My own dad left us when I was 1. We did go to his house every other weekend, but that is never the same. I wish every parent who leaves their family, and they can tell themselves all they want it's the spouse they are leaving, but it's not, it's the whole family, would understand this. It IS NOT the same. When you don't live with your children, you miss out on them. No matter how often you see them, you miss out. You miss out on bathtime and bedtime and hugs and kisses, you miss out on meals and laughter and occassional fights and wishes. It cannot be manufactured.

So, when I see my little girl, just wanting to be with her daddy, and her daddy obliging, I can't help but be thankful. And say, this is something beautiful.


Liz said...

Great post!

Cyndi said...

Think of the legecy you are leaving for your children! Her daddy willbe her hero!

Elizabeth said...

Here, Here, Amy- I totally Agree!!! :)

Jackie Sue said...

Yes, it is something beautiful. Noah helped Greg fold laundry tonight and I just sat there like an idiot and watched them work quietly together on something so mundane and yet so sweet. It's those tiny wonderful things that allow you to see who kids--and their parents--really are.

gail said...

I immediately thought how nice it was that father and daughter were spending time together. You are so right about leaving the whole family. My daughter still suffers from her father leaving us when she was a baby.

Such a lovely family you have! I hope we get to meet some day this side of heaven! hugs, g

AmyK said...

This is a great post. The relationship between fathers and their daughters is so incredibly important... and it's so neat to see it growing.