Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday

Oh the joys that another week brings. Little things have worked their way into our lives to bring us more smiles and more happiness. We feel blessed to have these special moments and I'm thankful for this time every Tuesday that I can look back and see that God has given us reason to smile. Thanks again, Amanda, for coming up with the idea of 10 Smile Tuesday!

1. Games. Lilla has really been into games lately so we've been playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders and she is having a ball at it! Of course there are the stubborn 3 year old, "I want the gumdrop card!" moments, but really, it's neat to see her "getting it". And it's fun too to be able to play a game with her now. My she is growing up!

2. Goofiness. I must tell you that I am an organizer. Even though I have some piles of papers or whatever in my house, I do like to know where things are and have all the pieces to things in one confined area. For instance, all the pieces to the particular Little People sets I want with that particular set, the pirates don't belong in Noah's ark. Yeah...just a little anal. :) Anyway, I was cooking dinner last week and I cam out to find my couch looking like this
So apparently Lilla has become like me. The whole couch was lined with cards. Yep, I've trained her well. LOL

3. King Kong. Lilla has a doll set. Anna has figured out that she can stand in it. Anna looks like King Kong when she does it, Lilla gets upset. I still must laugh because, well...

4. Storytime. I love that Lilla is always bringing me books to read. She loves to just cuddle up with me and go through every book on the shelf. It's hard when Anna is awake as I am usually chasing her down, but when we get the chance, it is so great to spend that time with her!5. Letters. Lately Lilla has really been in to letters. She can recognize all but a couple now. She has trouble with N and V as they are similiar to M and Y. Everywhere we go she is pointing out letters and asking me what the words say. It's constant. Which, although can feel a little overwhelming, makes me smile as I know she wants to read! I am so excited for the day when she does and hope it will be a lifelong love!

6. Getting better. We have all been so sick for so long so it has been so nice this past week for the kids and I to finally be on the mend. I'm so happy to not be spending my entire day cleaning snotty noses and doling out the drugs. I am also happy to not hear the coughing coming from their rooms at night, I am just not a fan of that. Who is?

7. Deals. This past weekend we found some cute yoga pants for the girls on clearance at Target. All the matching shirts were gone but I had a feeling I could pair it with some things they already had. Sure enough, I came home and did. Yoga pants are so comfy and perfect for playing in so that was happy!

8. Herself. Anna has just been becoming more and more her own person lately. She is so stinkin' cute it's ridiculous. She gives these humongous smiles for no reason whatsoever, she laughs wholeheartedly, she gets in to everything, she crawls so super fast you can barely catch her, she chases me around from room to room, she pulls up and walks around on the furniture, and boy, there is nothing stopping this kid! And, she loves this fish. I mean this seriously, it is a bath fish that she just adores and carries everywhere with her. It cracks me up. Oh, and when she needs a break, doesn't matter where she's at, she just poops out on the floor, lays there, catches her breath and she's off again!

9. Bible study. As I said in my previous post, we are in a bible study doing the 40 days of love. It's been nearly 3 years since we were in a bible study so it's so good to be in a small group again, there is just nothing like fellowship with believers about God. Fabulous!

10. Last, but not least, yesterday was one of the few gorgeous days we've had recently, so you know I had to drag the kiddos to the trail for a photo shoot...and then a stop for some cookies at the cookie shop, of course! Here are some of my faves

What are you smiling about today?


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Well, right now I'm smiling about your girls - they're adorable!!! :)

Amanda said...

i suspect the pants in those pics just MIGHT have been one of your yoga pants steals! :) saw them at target on clearance sunday...you are making me want to go back and get them! :) love your smiles...and pictures...and outlook on life. and ames....your pictures are amazing...always love seeing what cuteness you capture!

Rebecca said...

such great smiles. love that anna just lays on the floor when ready for a break. adorable. so fun that lilla is playing games. i was just saying to my hubby yesterday that we need to pull out candyland to play with libbs. and oh my that last pic of your girls...precious! your girls are beautiful!

gail said...

You have such a great eye, Amy. Have you considered photography as a vocation when you are ready to go back out into the work world?

Gina C said...

Love the pics and the lazy (yeah, I said lazy) days of when my kids were little! This post reminded me even though my youngest are 7 and 9, I NEED to take lots of photos!