Tuesday, March 09, 2010

10 Smile Tuesday

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." Doug Larson

I love that quote! It's just so true that it doesn't even matter that the rain is coming, all we can see is that the snow is melting, warmer air is all around us, we can no longer see our breath when we breathe and we don't have to look like we're headed to the North Pole every time we walk out the door! All that to say, here in Indiana, it's beginning to feel more and more like Spring every day. Yesterday it was in the 50's and sunny and to us it felt like the middle of the summer, it was just so nice. Ahhhhh! I am truly not a fan of winter, but, I must say, it sure does make me appreciate the spring a lot more than if I lived in a warm climate all year long.So, onto my smiles...

1. Dress up. Lilla has never been a child to do dress up. We have had hoards of dress up clothes for her since like birth, but unless friends were over, they never got touched. Well, in the last few months, this has changed drastically. Now it is just about every day that we play "princess" and she just must have the princess clothes on to go with it. She actually went out in public like this yesterday. Cracks me up!2. Ballet. And, for anyone who knows about being a princess, they know you just must be a ballerina too. So, she has been doing all her dance moves to prove that yes, she does deserve the title of princess, after all. 3. With the warmer temps comes one of my very favorite things...the grill! Yesterday we uncovered it for the very first time and had about the best burgers ever...only because it had been so long I'm sure. They were just yummy!4. Cuddlebug. Anna loves to hug stuffed animals. I mean, this is serious in her life. She feels very strongly about cuddling with them, holding two of them and having them "talk", having one in each hand. The child just loves the plush!5. The Zoo. We had not been to the zoo in so long, it's just been too cold. But last week the temps were warming a bit so we decided to head on down that way. We have an inside garden that we enjoyed, which in the summer houses butterflies. That exhibit does not start for weeks, but they had already started hatching so we got the fortunate experience of enjoying them that day. We also spent time in the Oceans, petting sharks and watching sea lions, watching polar bears, seeing the dolphin show and enjoying the meerkats and snakes in the desert. So much fun!6. So close. Anna is getting closer and closer to walking every day. She has been able to stand for long periods unaided for quite some time, but then she just plunges toward me. Lilla didn't walk until 18 months so both were late walkers, but I'm holding my breath any day now for Anna. She took two steps yesterday, oh, I can't wait!7. State Museum. At the homeschoolers convention I went to a week ago I found out that our state museum is only a buck for students and free for educators the first Tuesday of every month. So, I so took advantage of that as we have a Lincoln exhibit from the Library of congress going on that I really wanted to see. I really want to go see it again though because I didn't realize you can't take strollers in and having to carry Anna, who is THICK, was not too easy throughout it. Next time I'll take the backpack and carry her that way!

8. IMAX. I haven't been to an IMAX movie in years, but we went to one last week and it was so fun to see the Oceans in 3-D! A little unnerving as it looked like these huge beasts were coming at you at time, but so fun to watch Lilla and her friends reach out for the screen as they enjoyed it for the first time!

9. MOPS. Every year we have a wiser older women (WOW) panel where women who have been through the trenches and made it out to tell about it come and talk to us and answer our questions. It is always just great fun and conversation. Loved it this year too!

10. Blueberries. We eat a lot of blueberries in our house. They are so full of great things and they taste great too so we do carve a little out of our budget to buy them every week. I've always wanted blueberry plants but have never found them before, but that all changed at Sam's Club last week. I was able to purchase 8 plants, which I now can't wait to plant! I know I probably won't get anything this year, but it's the years to come that I am looking forward to enjoying them, along with the raspberries and blackberries we've already planted!

What are smiling about today?


gail said...

Newest comment from Isabella: that's not the correct answer. Wonder what show that is from???

Rebecca said...

such wonderful, cheery smiles! and the pics...oh my how big your girls are getting. they are just so beautiful!