Saturday, May 29, 2010


We have to get a new air conditioner. That totally stinks. It won't come until next Thursday. It's really hot in here! So...we've had to come up with some ways to cool down.

Our bigger pool is broken so they are chillaxin in the bitty pool.

Popsicles, of course!!


Or...just sit in the fridge. I kid you not, Anna walked over to the fridge, hit it until I opened it and then sat down in it. Hilarious!


gail said...

Hit it until it opened? What a smart girl!

Amanda said...

So cute!! They are precious!

MamaMonki said...

My little guy would live in his pool if I sould let him.

Alicia said...

That little kiddie pool is SO CUTE!!!! I love it!!!

And the fridge picture is so funny!!! Love that one too!

Jenny said...

What a totally precious family you have! You seem like a fun Mom!