Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ready for her close up

Yesterday Anna was insisting that she needed to go outside. Lilla has a little motorized John Deere tractor she could see from the window and she just knew she had to get in it. So, I let her go out and, of course, she popped right in. I thought she looked so cute I went in to get my camera and when I came back out she was already running around the yard. I told her I wanted to get a picture of her in the car so she got in, propped her feet up on the dash, smiled all goofy and said, "Cheeeeeeeese". She's such a punk.

Then the girls got on the trampoline, and the real fun began. How I wish I had taped the laughs coming out of Anna. Big belly, straight from her heart pure sweet laughter. I loved every giggle and smile, it was lovely!

And I saved the best for last. Just looking at this picture makes my heart happy. It's like they are sharing a secret only they will ever know. I'll admit I told them to "give sissy kiss", but they did this sweet laughter/smile all by themselves. These two are such a pair!