Friday, March 04, 2011

The H's

Two weeks ago we found out we are going to Hawaii. Yes. Hawaii! As in aloha, lei's and luaus.

Truly I must say we never thought we'd get the chance, just not a place people like "us" go. However, God bless my husband, because he's a hard worker. A really, really hard worker. For the last year he has pushed his team of stockbrokers to do their best all year and he earned it. All expense paid, five star hotel on the beach, beautiful Hawaii.

Crazy. I'm still having to get used to the idea.

Two weeks ago I also found out about another trip in my life. Haiti. As in, one of the poorest nations, earthquake struck, spiritually dark and bankrupt Haiti. Our church has had an orphanage and many church plants there for years, and we often do mission trips there. In fact, we have three trips this summer alone. This is my year to go.

I will be doing an English camp and may be doing some technology based things as well. We are still putting it together now.

God is putting together the details. It's an expensive trip. We don't have any extra money, yet God is still in the details and is already providing in unexpected ways.

So, less than a month apart, I will first travel to a land of much opulence, proceeded by a land of much desperation. I wonder how God will work on my heart through it.

I'm excited to see.


Wayne Images said...

What a blessing for you guys!

gail said...

So proud of your husband and happy that he is being acknowledged for his hard work.

"Knowing" you as I do, Amy, I am sure God has a plan to use you through these two trips. Your heart will know.

Full of Grace said...

Holy cow girl, you've got a whole lot going on in the near future. I will be praying for you and your family! Oh, and ENJOY HAWAII, trying not to be insanely jealous ;)

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

I don't know if you read my testimony in my notes on facebook, but I felt called to Thailand with our missions team and we have absolutely NO extra money (and it was an expensive trip also). God provided every last penny in exactly 2 weeks. We had 8+ months to pay it off, but He chose to do it in 2 weeks. It will be there when it needs to be! :D Have fun in Hawaii! What an amazing contrast of places! Just imagine if we could blog when we knew we were going to HEAVEN!