Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I recently heard a sermon on Ruth concerning Boaz and how he was a Redeemer for Ruth. The Pastor, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, was extolling all men to reach out to women in their life and become a Redeemer of sorts to them. Not redemptive like Jesus, but to redeem their broken lives. He spoke about how God can bring someone in your life and you need to be accepting and willing instead of have a list of expectations and if they don't meet every checkpoint (i.e. never married, no kids, virgin, never drank or done drugs...you get the point) moving on. What a great message! It reminded me of how my husband has been a redeemer to me in terms of a life of sadness and despair, brokeness and hurt. I never thought someone like Michael would marry someone like me. What a gift!

All that to say, today is our 3rd anniversary, yeah us! We've made it thus far, which in terms of 25, 40 and 50 or more years is just small potatoes, but we are proud of it! It has gone so fast!

Months before our wedding we found this little song, Waltz for Jennifer by FFH that we just felt said how we were feeling. It's a bit cheesy, but really, it is perfect for how we feel. It became our first dance. Here are the lyrics:

Artist: FFH
Album: Ready to Fly
Track: Waltz For Jennifer
Another long day is gone
And I'm ready for another long night
Where I'll be by your side
Another long day will come
And I'll thank Jesus that I am alive and
That He made you mine

We belong together you and me
Holding on tight like lock and key
Going strong the way this love should be our fantasy
And I'm so glad that God made me for you and you for me

I'm having that dream
Where we are walking together along
With the sand in our feet
And I'm awake and I realize it wasn't a dream
It was reality

I hope you each will enjoy your marriages too!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary to the 2 of you! May God bless you with many more years together! :)

I hope you don't mind, but I followed the Link from Nspired by Faith's blog, and I'm glad I did :)

I actually spent most of my growing up years in IN. I was born in Muncie, and lived in Lafayette for a good portion of childhood. So, I have a bit of hoosier in me, even though I live in Upstate NY now.

Anyhow, I hope you don't mind that I came to visit you. Your family is lovely! :)

Amy Jane said...

I don't think the song is cheezy at all.

What a precious thing to *know* God planned you for each other!

My DH just had his birthday, and I wrote my MIL a thank you note for him. My mom's been talking about it forever and I finally did it.

You might want to do it too, if his mom was a good mom. Can you imagine how special it must be to have your faithful work acknowledged?

Many congratulations on your anniversary!