Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I find curious in this world

1. Why people feel that when you turn your turn signal on it is their cue to speed up as fast as they can and pass you?

2. Why do people keep voting for Sanjay Malakar?

3. Why does my dog feel the need to pee on my bed from time to time?

4. Why do people allow their children to swear at them?

5. Why do people like mushrooms?

6. Why would people rather look to Oprah for advice instead of the bible?

7. How does it happen that I can clean my house and my daughter can come through five minutes later and make it look like a tornado hit it?

8. How does my husband not see the crumbs he leaves after making a sandwhich?

9. Why do I have like 10 shorter hairs in the front of my head that always want to stand up?

10. Why do people feel it is their right to make fun of overweight people to their face (or behind their back)?

11. Why doesn't Donald Trump get his hair fixed?

12. Why do people believe that professional wrestling is real?

13. Why does the media feel it is their mission in life to tear down Christians at every turn?


OK, some serious, some silly. Just things rolling around in my head! Happy TTing you all! Links to other Thursday Thirteens! 1. (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

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Christine said...

I am so familiar with #7. I still haven't figured it out! I can sit and watch them get all excited, that it's a clean room, and then pull everything back out, like it was fun to make a mess!LOL!
Sanjaya needs to go home!!

Ingrid said...

:)) :)) great T13 list for this week. i'm giggling & having fun reading. i so get #1, that's probably why most people here in my city just go ahead and change lanes without signalling. :) and Sanjaya?? OMG, he gives me the creeps & yet, here we are talking about him. my kid never swore at me but i see it with my own 2 eyes how other parents allow their kids to bully them. beats me??? some are people are just star-struck with oprah, she still refers to the bible anyways for whatever it is she's preaching to people. men don't see crumbs, that's not even a word to them. :)) :)) i don't know what they've seen funny on overweight people. they just don't know what struggles these overweight people go thru, it's not that they want it to be that way. and Donald Trump's hair???? maybe he doesn't have the budget yet to fix his hair. or maybe he hasn't heard of supercuts?? $9.00 for a simple haircut!!!

FRIGGA said...

Great list! #11 made me laugh, the rest I can sympathize with. Thanks for stopping by my TT13!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Good questions. Too bad there aren't easy answers for most of those!

Happy TT!

Pen said...

I was going to say there aren't any easy answer just as Susan did! If you figure them out, let be sure to let us know!

Happy TTing!

Jen said...

Professional wrestling isn't real?? Just kidding! This is a funny list. I often wonder why my cat chooses to always puke on my bed. He must be in the same club as your dog.

Sanjaya is a mystery! I don't think we will ever get to the bottom of that one.

Lady G~ said...

Great questions here. #4- parents are so use to using and hearing bad language that they don't care. Very sad.

#6- I guess cause Oprah gives you a warm, fuzzy, feel good advice. Scripture tells us we need to be accountable for our actions.

#12- professional wrestling is soap opera for me. LOL!

#13- We live in a dark world. The darkness has always hated the Light.

Ctina said...

Haha! My husband and I wonder about #6 a lot too!

Barbara H. said...

Somehow I missed this post, too, on my TT rounds! I have wondered many of the same things, and I am so glad someone said #6 out loud! I have been amazed at Christian women who quote her like she's a spiritual expert.

she said...

I'm parrotting susan on the "no easy answers" routine this week. They are great questions - and aside from mushrooms (I'm assuming non psychotropic here...) I think they're yummy because they've limited flavour and can take on the flavour of what they're being cooked with - kinda like nature's tofu with no requirement for processing...