Sunday, April 01, 2007

What's going on?

So, I thought I'd give a little update here. I was thinking about my blog a while ago and how I would like it to be a historical reference of sorts for me and for Lilla, later on. I look back at the past several months and am amazed at the steps Lilla has grown and how wonderful that I have documented so many. I think I will print this out at some point in case it somehow gets erased. I guess that is another nice part of having two blogs, if one gets erased you have the other to fall back on!

Anyway, I put a new song on Spaces. It's called Let the Peace of God Reign. It's a worship song from Hillsongs. I always liked Darlene Zsech and this is one of my favorites of hers. I thought it was appropriate in this season of Easter to celebrate God's peace and love. It's so easy to go about the day to days and forget to really remember what Easter is about and how real the cross is. I don't want to do that.

Lilla has been doing a lot of new things lately. This weekend she started saying puppy and baby. How cute is that? Her cousin is 6 months older and those are two of her favorite words so I think Lilla has picked them up from spending so much time with her lately. It is so cute. I say, "Where is the puppy Lilla?" And she will turn her head and reach out for Ellie. Adorable!

She still isn't walking. She'll be 14 months on the 8th so I was starting to get kind of worried. My mom was always saying how I'd walked at 10 months. Today I found my baby book, and guess what? Not so much! I didn't walk until 15 months. So, that gave me a bit of comfort, anyway. Lilla has supertiny feet, she only wears 2 1/2, which usuallly a 6 month old would wear, so I was beginning to think that was it. My mom insisted I buy her these $50 shoes (of course she paid for them) to make her walk. We'll see how that goes. They had to be specially ordered since her feet are so small so they will come this week.

Michael got home from his trip on Friday night, yeah! It was so good to see him and spend time with him. It's hard being away from your spouse. I don't know how single parents do it!

He has been so kind and generous to me lately. I am an obsessive picture taker (who knew?) and he bought me this seriously fancy camera last week. I didn't even know how to work it! He had to go read the instructions, and it can do so much more than I know. I'll have to delve into it sometime. Anyway, wow does it take good pictures! Beautiful!

He also let me get this awesome thing for scrapbooking called a Cricut machine. It has always been way too expensive for my taste but it was almost 1/3 of it's price today at Michael's so he told me to go get one! Whew! We've spent way too much money this month so we need to reign it in before we get too used to it. See what happens when you get a decent tax return! Oh boy!

Anyway, I'm going to close this novel now...hope you are still awake!

Take care,



YoungMommy said...

Hi Amy!
I haven't been by in a little bit... I'm glad to hear that everything is going well and that Michael got home safe. I hate it when my hubby is gone too!
Don't fret about Lilla not walking yet... It'll happen so fast and then you'll wish she couldn't walk! LOL Enjoy these times when she can't get away from you so fast!!
Take care!

Melissa said...

Just remember that all kids will do things at different times so try not to compare too much. I am such a freak with my two also making sure that they are on target. I am a teacher and my son just started Kindergarten so I am constantly trying to discover if he is where he should be or not. It is funny how much we have in common! I agree that I don't know how single parents do it because I would fall apart without my hubby. Also, we have been on a spending binge too! I love tax time because then we can do a little splurging. Thanks for sharing!!

Michelle said...

Funny . . .
First of all, totally know that song by Hillsongs. Have it, love it, and you can sing a blessing of it onto your child.
And shoes? I always heard that shoes don't help them walk, that keeping them bare foot as much as possible lets them "feel" it more. But who knows. She's fine, you know it.

NspiredByFaith said...

Still Awake! Don't worry about when she walks...she walks in her own the meantime, enjoy the fact that she still relies on you so much..everyone tells me that once they start walking really well, they are no longer a "baby" snif snif!

NspiredByFaith said...

Amy, You have been Tagged for the Thinking Blogger Award. Head on over to my blog for details! I hope you can participate!

YoungMommy said...

Hey, you snuck pictures in there! Taken on your wonderful new camera, I presume??
I second the no-shoes thing. It's better if she's barefoot when she's learning how to walk... She needs to be able to spread out her toes (seriously) to help her keep her balance.

Christine said...

Great pictures of your adorable daughter. Your husband is so sweet! I love my digital camera. My baby just started walking and she was almost 13months old. Your daughter will be running before your eyes very soon! :)