Tuesday, June 17, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

So here's it's Tuesday again so I thought I'd look back on the last week and relish the good of the last week.

1. My grandma (Bossy) going to be with the Lord. While it has been sad at the loss of life, the promise of eternal life is so much bigger that I find myself a bit jealous. Ah, the joy of seeing Jesus. What a day, what a place, what a Saviour!

2. An impromptu, and hot, day at the zoo last Thursday. It was like 90 but we had such fun! They have this new water area for the kids that is a total blast! Lilla just ran around splashing and loving the water spilling and spraying all about. I'm sorry I don't have pictures but I couldn't find my small camera and didn't want to haul around the big one. It was such good times though and I'll have to take pictures next time.

3. Garage saleing. So several of you asked if I found anything good on my new adventure on Saturday, and I did! We have a swing set for the peanut but we wanted a Step 2 thing for her to climb on too. We searched and searched and this is what we found for $20!

Not too shabby! We also got a Step 2 wagon that was in almost new condition for $20. I didn't get a picture of that yet. Our old one broke so we were excited to find such a good deal! I also got some books and clothes for the peanut for next summer. Her younger cousin is quickly catching up to her (Lilla is really small for her age) so the clothes train of her older cousin will probably be ending pretty abruptly. So, I'm stocking up for cheap, gotta love it!

4. A pool for the peanut. We were going to just buy one of the little blow up deals but this was on sale at Target and the peanut loves to swim so much we thought, heck, why not. Plus, she kept hugging the ad and saying, "My pool." I'm really not kidding. :) She is really something! So it's like 2 feet deep and 10 feet long, she loves it!

5. The peanut and Papaw on Father's Day. Is this not adorable? They were feeding the ducks together. Love it!

6. Storytime at the library. The peanut loves to sing and dance and that's what she got to do! I don't know if you can see the frog on the carpet in this picture but she really liked him. She kept saying, "Frog, ribbit, ribbit!" What a comedian!

7. Pea salad. I know that many might not like it, but I do. Really, just about anything with peas you can pass my way. My nephew had a graduation this weekend and my sister-in-law made it, oh just yummo!

8. Fresh strawberries. While most of my garden was a washout because of the flooding, a few of my strawberries, that were not eaten by critters, were able to be salvaged. Such fun to pick and eat them!

9. Time with my hubby. Michael took a couple of bereavement days last week to spend time with us and it was just so nice to have him here. I don't think I really knew how much I missed him until I saw him again. He suprised me by meeting me at the airport (he said he had to work and would send someone) with flowers. Such a sweet surprise!

10. Home. There is nothing truely like it, and I'm so glad to be back!

Oh, and one more for good measure. 12 weeks. I love 12 weeks. I feel like myself again. Very little to no nausea. Energy. It's like someone plugged me in. Love, love, love 12 weeks!!

What are you all smiling about today?


amy said...

DId I know you were pregnant? Rock on and congrats!

I am smiling because I am at peace about turning in our MCC for China but thats another story.

Im just smiling!

Amanda said...

such sweet smiles. i admit, i am a wee bit jealous of your pool...mostly because our new inflatable one is so huge we are going to have to spend six years blowing it up (even with the mini air compressor). i have a sneaky suspicion mike will cave and get a bigger compressor! also loving the peanut's climber and fresh strawberries...and most definitely celebrating the 12 week mark with you!

and yes i am thrilled about jill joining the ranks of mommy-hood...and i must tell you...their little brennan is like a duplicate of nathan...seriously...duplicate! red hair...same face...crazy!

AreWeThereYetMom said...

What an adorable photo of the Peanut and her Paw-Paw. Very precious.

She really looks like she's having fun in the pool. Does she like to splash?

WOW!That's an awesome deal on the playset!

Those are all wonderful things to smile about.! :)

Cyndi said...

Wow! Those are some good deals! You made me want to go this weekend. I am so glad you are feeling better. That second trimester is so nice!

I am smiling because my kids are in their rooms and my husband is cleaning the kitchen!

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe you are 12 weeks already! You list was especially wonderful this week, from your grandma to yard sale deals, swimming and definately fresh strawberries :)