Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh sweet justice

On Saturday morning we were up and getting ready to go and do some errands including a little Christmas shopping. I had just gone through all of the baby clothes my sister had returned to me (this is now going on a 4th child for many of them) and realized how not good they looked. The fronts were all yellow and stained and they just looked ratty. As I am a little anal on having a new baby in perfectly clean clothes, I knew I wouldn't be able to put these particular clothes on Anna. So, I spoke to my husband and said, "We need to go buy Anna some new things...where is that Children's Place coupon I just got in the mail? It was 20% off the entire purchase."

My sweet and loving husband then guilty replied, "You mean the one on the stairs? Um, I accidently tore that up with the rest of the mail."

Clearly I reacted as any respectable wife would, "Are you insane? Why would you do that? It's like throwing away free money..." Oh yes, it didn't end there. I really let my poor hubby know how incredibly irritated I was and disappointed in the whole situation.

He then brought the ripped up coupons downstairs and said, "It's ok, we'll just tape them back together." Now mind you, they were not ripped on the bar codes, but I was just convinced that they would never take them looking like that. So, as my pitiful husband tried to appease me, I continued the squawking rampage.

We then travelled to the mall, taped up coupons in hand and started to head to our destination. Along the way Michael saw Build a Bear and just knew the girl's really needed the matching mooses so he handed me the coupons, told me to go have fun, and took Lilla in for some fun of her own. I headed to the store and began my shopping excursion. I was there for about 1/2 hour picking out some darling newborn things that I just knew Anna would look gorgeous in, and also a Christmas present for my niece.

I'm then headed to the register when I realize...the coupon is gone. I start searching my purse, the clothes, under the racks... All I can think is, "God sure has a sense of humor here and I think I know who he's out to humble today." So, I call my husband tell him what happened and he says they are nearly done and will start heading that way. He comes in the store and, the very embaressed and humbled me has no way to react besides a big old apology. He laughingly replies, "Well, I just wish God could teach us lessons and give us the coupon too." He's funny.

And then, he prays that God will show him where it's at. And don't you know...there it was, among the stretch pants and tunics, right where I would have put it down. And, as we walked out the door after making our grand purchase that included the 20% off coupon, I think we saw my pride laying on the floor...


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

The same thing has h appened to me before, Amy! I know exactly how you felt, probably stressed and irritated and exhausted from feeling that way? lol I'm so glad you guys found the coupon and scored a 20% off!! amazing! And I can't wait to see how adorably cute Anna is going to look with all those pretty little clothes on her!
We've been eyeing the build a bear workshop for a couple weeks on tv advertisements as well and I just told Benj how it would be fun to take the that I know there are moose there I just might have to get one for myself lol

love you friend and hope you have an amazing week!!!

Cyndi said...

Oh, I just hate it when that happens. You over do it and know it and then have to end up eating your words. That happens tome too. And then when they are nice aobut it that just makes it that much worse.

Can't wait to see pics of the new baby in all her new things!