Friday, January 02, 2009

Onward, Upward

Proverbs 16:9 "The mind of man plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps."

Do you ever find it hard to make a big decision? I do. I want to make sure that in the big, and small decisions, in life, I have chosen what God wants me to do. I don't want to choose out of selfishness or ease, but really what God would have for my life. You see, I know He has a greater plan for me that I could not possibly know, because I, am not sovereign, as He is.

Now, the reason for this preface? My husband and I are having a bit of a struggle on a large decision. Some may not think it that large, but to us, it is. We really want to be in the will of God where we go and what we do, and it can be difficult as there are usually not flashing lights to show the way. However, God does lead us and guide us, I believe, by using things big and small to get our attention.

So, on to the decision. We are seriously considering going to a different church than we have been at for the past four years. We have really grown to care about the people there and we know they care about us. The preaching is very good at our church, which is actually the main reason we stay. My husband runs the sound booth and works with the kids ministry as well.

So, why would we leave? We've just never felt a true connection with the other members. Yes, after church we chat with people, it is a small church so we pretty much know everybody, but we've just never developed those really important friendships that we are looking for. On the flipside, I have attended a different church for my MOPS group for the past year and a half. Our church is small so we don't have one, so I started at another church. This church has been amazing for us, even though we don't attend there they have absolutely embraced us as their own. My best friends attend there, when Anna was in the hospital they were calling, emailing and visiting us. (This includes the pastors!) And they were the ones who brought us meals when we returned home and came over that night. They had us on their prayer board. We spent New year's eve with a bunch of them. My husband attends their men's meetings once a week. The church is very into outreach, whereas our church is more of a teaching church. Outreach is very important to me, as many of you know, because of my love for missions.

The downside? The preaching. It is just not what we are used to as it is seeker friendly. What we have talked about is that we could easily download podcasts and listen to them for teaching every week from all the amazing speakers out there. We also feel an obligation to our current church with involvement in ministries and because we really do love our pastor and his family. But we don't want to stay out of guilt.

Anyway, that is what we are facing in's difficult. I'm trying to remember that we are all part of one body, it is just finding God's will for our lives. So, we are going to keep praying and ask God to put on our hearts what He would have us do.


creative gal said...

I will be praying for you as you make this decision. God will guide your path! Moving on is sometimes so hard, but it can be the right choice. Often we see this weeks, months, maybe even years down the road. Praying for you!

Carrie said...

Big decision, indeed! Just keep praying about it. God will tell you what to do. And if he wants you to move to another church, he'll open that door for you.

I'm praying for you guys!

Deedra said...

That is a big decision! We faced a similar one 8 years ago, and though it was hard, we decided to change churches. It has been a huge blessing to our lives, and I know we made the right decision with God's help.

I'll be praying for you guys as you pray about His will in your life.

Happy New Year!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I am definitely praying for you guys, Amy! The great thing about it, is that if switching churches is God's will, then you KNOW you are doing the right thing and if others are true Christians and followers of him, they will be happy for you that you are following his will as well! I know it has to be so hard, I pray that you guys are able to make this big decision and and find happiness all around! It sounds like this church is amazing for you all as a family

Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a tough decision, I am also going through a similar experience right now. I decided to leave a HUGE church 20 minutes away from my house because it was just to dang big (thousands of members) and I was thirsty for fellowship. During my separation from my husband, I was able to go to a smaller church with my sister. Let me tell you, the fellowship was amazing. I made some lifelong friends there! But the preaching was the most important for me and it inspired me to change my life. Make sure you balance it, awesome fellowship and even more amazing preaching. I wish you luck and I will pray for you also when I pray for a church for me.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I know how difficult this is! We changed churches a little over a year ago and it was very hard since our family runs our old church! But, we felt God pulling us somewhere else and we knew without a doubt it was His leading. Keep praying and I'm sure you'll hear your answer! And this is a big decision!


Cyndi said...

Ya, that is a hard decision. God will lead you- just keep seeking Him! I am glad you don't take this decision lightly, too many people do.