Tuesday, November 03, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday

I'm just about to head out to the library with a friend, but, I wanted to squeeze in a few smiles to open the window to our past week and some of the fun we've had.

1. Celebrating my good friend's son's first birthday. I actually don't have any pictures from the party, as I was rushing and forgot my camera, but this was taken later in the day. Such a handsome birthday boy he made!

2. Going to Zoo Boo. Our zoo's annual Halloween event. We've gone every year since getting the annual pass and had so much fun. Pumpkin bowling, bounce house, trick or treating...what's not to love?!?!

3. Pumpkin Gospel. Our friend's invited us over to carve pumpkins while we related it all to the way sin has gunked up our insides, how Jesus carves it out and how His light shines from within. If you've never heard of it before, you should google it, pretty great way to talk about the gospel at this time of year. Lilla was so cute, when we were talking about the sins inside us she belted out, "I got baptized!" How wonderful to know she really understands why she was baptized!

4. I love you! Lilla has never been an I love you kind of girl. She just doesn't say it a lot, she is more of a huggy than verbally telling us. Well, the last month or so this has changed. I'm pretty sure she is making up for lost time! The I love you's are flying and this mama loves it!

5. Friends. A long time friend of mine came over the other day to get a few things and it was so fun to hang out with her again. We go so long without seeing each other and it's just like it was yesterday. Don't you just love friends like that?
6. Trick or treating. We went with some friends (same pumpkin gospel friends) and had such a great time going around with the kids, laughing and although it was chilly, it was just a great time!

7. I made this pumpkin cake for one of Mikey's co-workers birthdays. How cute is that? I'm just smiling because the way it looks. It was super yummy too, which is a whole other smile!

8. Sunshine. The last couple of days the sun has been brightly letting us know we are not completely into winter yet. It's really chilly out, but the sun just seems to make everything better!

9. Sisters. Lately Anna and Lilla have been playing more and more together. It gives me such a joy to see them getting along and to see Anna's personality coming more and more to life. She loves Lilla so much, you should just see her face light up when Lilla comes in the room!
10. Confession. Lately at night when Lilla and I do our songs and prayers she has been confessing her sins to me. I am so blown away at this three year old and how she really gets "it" when it comes to Christianity. I am learning more from her than she is from me, that is for sure!

Couple extra:
God blessed us in a way that we certainly would not have guessed, and we are thankful!

Seriously silly, but we found minature Reese pumpkins and holy cow, those things are addictive. I can't help but put a smile on that!

Oh, and lastly, I hope this doesn't sound vain, but I am finally able to put my size 8's on again!! I honestly did not think they were ever going back on me. But this last week the size 10's were actually falling off...which was not pretty, let me tell you. So, I tried them on and ...who knew? I do have a saying though that just because you can get them on does not mean you should wear them. This is true for me right now, still got some toning to do, but yahoo, for it being within reach!!

Oh...just one more...Oprah had a 50% off your entire order at Payless last week, so you know I had to go! We got over $100 worth of shoes (including cold weather boots for Lilla and I so we can play in the snow!) for $50!! I'm not an Oprah fan, but I'll definitely say thank you on this one!!

What are you smiling about today?


gail said...

Another wonderful week! Congrats on getting the baby weight off. I am truly impressed.

Full of Grace said...

I LOVED that pumpkin cake-it's super cute :)

Great things to be thankful for, all of em :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

those are some amazing smiles girl!! Yaayy for going down a pant size!!! I'm gonna be looking forward to that challenge in a few months lol
And Ryder has never been an "I Love you" Noah has always said it all the time and for that Ryder has begun to repeat him in saying it, but I totally understand you eating them up with Lilla :D

So many sweet smiles Amy, I loved all your pics too!!

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

great smiles! and great pics. and oh my goodness...that pic in your blog header of lilla and anna....sweetest thing ever!!!