Monday, November 23, 2009

Let Rest

This weekend my sister and I met up with a childhood friend of ours. We went shopping, laughed, and of course, told stories of when we were kids. Isn't that a requirement for when you are with old friends?

My memories are much more vague, as I've realized more and more lately. Very little from childhood is concrete in my mind. The reason for that is not quite clear, although it is possible that it has been a defense mechanism to block out a particularly difficult time in my life.

As my sister and friend reminisced, and I listened with intrigue at the narratives that had occurred over the those years, the stories surrounding me, I barely knew. Like it was a different person they were speaking of. Somewhat like watching a movie you saw once many, many years ago and were not that familiar with.

My sister was particularly troubled over a childhood prank that my friend and I had pulled on her. Again, a very vague memory, if one at all. As I sit and listen to her get progressively more upset as the story went on, my hope was something I had read from CS Lewis many years ago, "Let the past rest, but let it rest in the sweet embrace of Christ."

I love my sister and don't want to see her distressed, so, I sincerely hope she can.

And, if you dear friend, are equally troubled over something that may have happened a decade ago, or maybe an hour ago, my hope for you is rest in Jesus too.

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gail said...

Amen, Amy. A hard lesson to learn and live but very necessary. Bless you, dear one.