Monday, November 16, 2009

Black and white.

Lilla is black and white. That is how she sees the world. It makes her a rule follower, sometimes to a fault, but it's also very positive. For instance, when she was very little I told her the fireplace is dangerous. She's never, not once, touched it. She's almost four. Her 11 month old sister won't stop touching it.

Tonight I was putting her to bed and she was discussing with me why we need to help poor children. "They sleep on the street," she said. I said, "Yes, some do." She then asked who was going to help them get a home. I told her that maybe the government or churches or strangers, like us. She replied, "Well, you can't talk to a stranger."

She's black and white.

So months ago when I told her that we shouldn't be watching Spongebob because he says some not nice things (i.e. idiot, stupid...) she has really taken it to heart. To a point of, if she sees it come on tv she puts her head down in the couch and tells me I need to change the channel. Yeah, she might be a little extreme, but it's part of her black and white nature.

I started thinking about this though and how I told her he says unkind things and also how she is trying to protect herself from that. Even to the extent of burying her head into a couch so she can't see it. That, my friends, is dedication to the cause.

Of course I had to then think of myself and how I should be doing that too. I should be turning my head at the slightest hint of unrighteousness. Even to the extent of what Lilla does to turn and run from what I know is wrong. How often do I watch a program even though I know it has a history of using God's name in vain, making sexual references like it's just one big joke or just altogether being unGodly? How often do I listen to gossip, although I know I shouldn't? How often do I read articles that often should make my face turn 4 shades of red? ALL. THE. TIME.

I couldn't help but think of the childhood song, "O Be Careful little eyes what you see, o be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down with love, O be careful little eyes what you see."

I think I'm going to practice a little more of that caution today.


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Her and Noah are a lot alike, then came Ryder who enjoys living in color lol
You can definitely see God shaping and molding her heart and how wonderful that is! She's going to be such a wise little girl and do so many things for the Lord someday, as she already is!

You're truly blessed, Amy!

amy said...

what a good lesson to be learned and she sounds absolutely precious!

Amanda said...

oh how true this is amy...thanks for sharing. and, oh my, i am SO excited to see you tonight!

gail said...

You are speaking of a heart battle I have been having. Yes, I want to watch house. No, I don't appreciate the innuendo and outright bad taste. It's so hard. Thank you, Lilla and Amy.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Gail, I so get that! When I was talking about the was House! Oh, we would be such delightful friends if you lived next door.

Dionna said...

Yes. Such a good reminder for us. By the way - I'm very black and white too. :)