Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogger envy

Do you ever get blogger envy? Seeing all the cool free stuff that the bigger named bloggers get. Being blown away by the amount of comments just a picture of their adorable little cherub gives them. Then listening to how they went on this trip or that trip absolutely free because some company just wants to reward them for being super mom of the year.

Well, I did. It started annoying me as I read twitter post after twitter post, blog after blog, and facebook status' which abounded with just how "lucky" they are to be who they are. Then hundreds of comments would flow about how wonderful they were and oh, if anyone deserved it they sure did. Seriously starting to gag me.

But, maybe I've changed a little bit today. As I think about how my days may be boring to some, I sleep in until 8:30 most days, until my oldest comes in and wakes me up. We then cuddle until we hear my youngest crying. I grab some milk (I'm starting to wean) with cereal and fruit for her and we play on the floor while she munches away. We then might go to a playdate or MOPS or storytime or the museum or the zoo. We can stay as long as we want, so we do. My little one takes a nap and my oldest and I do school or crafts or watch a movie together. Once little Anna wakes up, she snacks, we clean, we make dinner. My husband comes home and we all eat together, do baths, hang out and read. And then my husband and I play on our computers or talk or watch our favorite show. Some nights we have church events or dinner with friends, but usually the evenings are just to relax together. No extravagant trips, no major companies knocking on my door begging me to say their name, no free major appliances.


My life has no deadlines. I don't feel like I need to spend hours every day, or even week, blogging or tweeting. I don't have so many emails I have to tell my "fans" I can't answer them, and then, I don't have to feel guilty about people thinking I think I'm too good for them. I don't have to justify my behavior to anyone, particularly people online whom I've never met. I don't have people insulting me online because they are jealous of me. I don't have to read 15 pages of comments everytime I post from people whose blogs I'll never in my life have a chance to visit. I don't have the media knocking on my door because I tweeted when my son fell in the pool, asking for prayers. I don't have people critiquing every word I say, just because I have a bajillion followers.

Yeah, I think I'm ok with being a once a week blogger, with an easy going life and spirit and with just a handful of followers, after all. It suits this small time blogger pretty well.


gail said...

Amy, you have spoken my heart and I thank you for putting it into perspective. hugs from this reader you have never met but will be spending eternity with!

Sarah said...

Great post Amy! I blog for one girls. For them to read one day to have a little insight into their Mom's thoughts about them, life, etc. No big awards or winnings here, except my little ladies getting to know me better when they are older and become Moms themselves. That's more than enough for me!

Full of Grace said...

I agree wholeheartedly! Keep doing as you do :) I love to read when you update, whenever you update, regardless if it is daily or weekly :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have the right perspective!

Be blessed-