Thursday, January 07, 2010


One of Lilla's favorite things to say is, "I love you." A lot of times it's more like, "Iloveyou." As fast as she can say it, it's out of her mouth. She kind of says it with a giggle and waits for your response. The other day she said it to my bestie's daughter after she opened a popsicle for her. She couldn't even help herself as the popsicle was cut..."I love you!!" So excited. So adorable. So Lilla.She often likes to add to her professions of love that she loves certain people. "I love Makie, I love Jenna, I love Grandma..." Then she'll follow that up, "Because you are supposed to love people. God likes it when we love people." And she's right, of course.

Today I went in the bathroom to check on her. She's just sitting there, doing her business, hanging out, apparently thinking theological know, the usual preschooler stuff. Our conversation then went something like this...

Me: Hey, watcha doing?

Lilla: Mom, God loves you.

Me: Yes, he does. Thanks for reminding me.

Lilla: God loves everyone.

Me: Yes, he does.

Lilla: Cause he has to love everyone. He created everyone. He loves everything he created. But...he doesn't love the stuff he didn't create.

Just another day with my peanut!


gail said...

I look forward to some day having that conversation with Isabella. Could she possibly be close to God because she is "special?" I think so.

Your child's smile says it all, Amy. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca said...

how precious!!