Tuesday, September 07, 2010

10 Smile Tuesdays

So busy this last week...so many smiles! Here are but a few.

1. My in-laws 50th Anniversary celebration. 50 years, wow!!
2. Girls night with my girlfriends. I'm a total dork and was freezing in Starbucks so my friend, Bobbie, was kind enough to retrieve her sons Lightning McQueen snuggie from the car. Love it!

3. Lilla's sunflower garden finally came up. Yay! We planted them quite late so they are tiny but I was so glad to see their shiney happy faces anyway. They made Lilla quite happy too.
4. The start of jean season.
5. A family photo shoot I did for my friend. :)
6. Anna picking up a fur stole and insisting on wearing it all day at my mom's house.
7. Lilla thinking she was hilarious wearing this mask. Eek! Anna was not a fan, clearly.
8. Lilla and Michael camped out in my parent's backyard per Lilla's request.
9. My parent's bought a golf cart to tool around in. Lilla loved, loved, loved it!
10. Setting up for my in-laws anniversary party, I got this picture of my husband with some of his brothers and nephews. It's a big family!
And a couple extras...

11. Anna doing the YMCA at the reception.
12. Going for a walk on our trail.
13. My brother in law reading books to the girls before the reception.

And last but not least, Michael took Lilla fishing for the first time this week too. She caught four fish and had a great time doing it!

What are you smiling about this week?


Brigette Joy said...

Reading about your in-laws 50th, reminded me of a verse I've been thinking about lately, "marriage is to be held in honor among all" Heb 13:4. God made marriage to be such a wonderful thing.

gail said...

Looks beautiful where you live!