Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I want to remember

Years from now, when I am old, my house is empty and ever so quiet, I want to remember...

...the sound of Anna's voice in the early morning, calling from her room, "Mama, Mama, Mama!"

...the clip, clap of Lilla's bare feet as she runs into my room to "get me up"

...the smiles and laughter I get from Anna as she reaches for me from her crib

...the little arms reaching around my neck to hold me ever so tightly

...the warm feeling when I wrap up the girls from baths into their hooded towels and hug/dry them down on my lap

...the way Lilla makes up songs about everything and anything, just to stay up one more minute

...wet baby slobber kisses on the mouth from Anna

...Lilla's uproariously, uncontrollable, contagious laughter

...Anna saying "cheese" as she cheeses it up for the camera

...Lilla, so proud that she can dial the phone and call Daddy by herself

...Anna dressing up in anything immobile, including my socks and the futon cover today

...the smell of fresh bathed babies, with cool skin and crazy hair

...the feeling of Lilla's little hand in mine, letting me lead her just about anywhere

...earnest, faithful bedtime prayers from a 4 year old desiring her family's salvation

...Anna running so hard the top of her body can't keep up with the bottom husband telling Lilla "Michael and Lilla" bedtime stories every night

...the excitement that a bottle of silly string can provide at a birthday party

...bubble beards at bathtime

...Anna's raised hands, twirling dance anytime she hears a beat

...every precious moment.


Sarah said...

Sweet post! I long to remember these moments too and I think we will based on what my parents STILL say about my younger days. I don't think these precious times will ever leave our hearts.

Janet said...

Love it! Beautiful post!

Sugar Mama said...

It's awesome that you realize this while they are young... and that you have your blog to keep the memories. I know it's said ALL of the time, but they DO grow up fast. I keep a journal for my kids that I write in from time to time, things I want them to remember as well.

gail said...

I hope you print these posts and make a book of them!

Rebecca said...