Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yesterday, Today

Yesterday I brought you home from the hospital.

Today you started kindergarten.

Yesterday my body supplied all the nourishment you needed.

Today you shared goldfish with the other kids.

Yesterday you felt so light, placed right in my arms.

Today you pulled my arms so tight, I thought I might fall over.

Yesterday I cried as I looked at you for the first time.

Today I cried just letting you go.


gail said...

Kindergarten? When did this happen?????

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Since she's homeschooled I'm able to do kindergarten with her when she's four. Not normal, but she's ready for it. She really is working on reading and her math skills are pretty keen. Crazy times!

I feel pretty good about it especially since she's homeschooled, if I feel as though she is not ready we can do kindergarten again next year.

We started a co-op today so she was able to start kindergarten with the other kids. She'll go once a week.

Janet said...

Awww! They grow up so fast don't they? She is such a doll!

Full of Grace said...

So hard to believe your little one is in kindergarten too! Man, time really is slipping away, isn't it??