Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mama, He Rose

The other day I was at Hobby Lobby and found this great deal on really cheap celtic crosses. I've always thought they were really cool looking so I decided to buy five of them to put on my wall. When I got home I realized one just didn't fit with the others and four didn't look right together so I wound up with three on the wall. I didn't realize until they were all up that it was reminiscent of Calvary. They really look quite beautiful on the wall and it is a great reminder everyday of my Saviour.

The next day, when the peanut came down for breakfast, she immediatly noticed the new wall fixtures. She asked what they were and I explained to her about the cross where Jesus died, I told her that he died for our sins and why we were so thankful to Him for that. I had actually explained this to her in the past as her Grandmother is Catholic and wears a crucifix on her neck with Jesus on it. When she asked about it her grandma told her that Jesus died and for the rest of the day that is what she announced to everyone. When I heard about that the next day I pushed hard for her to understand that Jesus did die, but He rose again. Jesus Lives!, I told her.

Well, then last night at dinner, Michael mentioned something about the crosses on the wall. I asked the peanut what they were and she explained to Michael, the cross...Jesus died. That was then followed up with, "But, Jesus rose, Jesus LIVES!!

Oh, but how I will hold these moments in my heart. Thank you Lord for a daughter who "gets it!" Even a two year old can get it.


Elizabeth said...

I absolutely loved this post! I'm so glad your 2 yr old "got it"! I am constantly in awe when Samuel shows his love for God and Jesus, especially when my older kids get embarrassed to talk about God. It does my heart good. Lately he has been singing "Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost" whenever it strikes him, including in stores, on walks, etc...I absolutely adore it!

Great Job Peanut!!! :)

Amy said...

You keep teaching her about Jesus!! There is a great book that my pastor recommends that you may be interested in. It's called, "Big Truths for Little Kids."

I wish I had it when my children were smaller