Tuesday, May 05, 2009

10 Smile Tuesday

Here we are again on another 10 Smile Tuesday. So many smiles going around lately, and lots of pictures to share. I tell you , this time of year makes me want to take pictures, and boy have I been! My computer is starting to crawl again from the amount on here...whew. I seriously love the green grass, the flowering trees, the sunshine, spring is such a blessing. I hope you all are enjoying the warming up and greening of everything too!

So on to the smiles...

1. A family photo...This past weekend we went on a picnic with our good friends and took some photos while we were at it. I love it when we can get everyone in one and we all are dressed decent and not looking quite grungy from the day yet...2. Warmth...It has really decided to warm up here this last week and slow down on the rain too, and it has been wonderful. Just to be outside, enjoying my family, eating on the patio, working on the garden, just love this great weather!

3. A wagon. Oh, the sheer entertainment value one object can bring! We were at the church on Saturday night setting up for Sunday when the peanut and her friends started playing with this wagon. Holy cow, they played with it for like an hour and a half!4. The garden. So we finally were able to plant part of my garden the other day. Oh, it is so wonderful to see the yummy veggies that are going to feed us in a few the yummy veggies that are going to feed us in a few months!5. Picnic in the park. Like I mentioned earlier, we were able to go on Sunday with friends to have a picnic. It was good food, good friends and a good God to thank for such a lovely day. We are so thankful for our friends, how fortunate we feel!6. Dressing up. Last fall I got all these dresses for Lilla for this summer on clearance and I have so enjoyed bringing them out. One on Sunday for pictures and then today, she went to a Cinco de Mayo party with her friend and I thought this dress was just perfect for it!
7. This picture. Who needs fancy photography fees when you can take pictures like this yourself?
8. Freshly mowed yard. We finally got our mower back and so Sunday night after our picnic Michael mowed the yard and oh, I am so thankful. It was up to our knees and now it is so much more enjoyable!9. Us. You know, since we had kids we just haven't taken any pictures of just us. We are a family of four after all, but sometimes it is nice to remember we are Michael and Amy too! So, when I saw this picture of us it definitely made me smile!

10. Yard sales. I love this time of year when all the yard sales start happening. I normally don't buy too much stuff, but I just enjoy "the hunt". Saturday there was this humungo sale for miles along a highway, so we hit it. Didn't find too much but it was just fun being together, the kids were pleasant as we found a Ming Ming duckling at the first house and that entertained Lilla the whole day and sometimes it's nice to just do something different!

What are you smiling about this week?


Cyndi said...

I just love finding good deals at yard sales. I went to one, though, that was crazy. They had jeans for like $10 and a stroller they wanted over a hundred for. I mean, come on!They really thought something of all their junk!

gail said...

Sorry I haven't been around, Amy. Life gets in the way. Blessings to you and yours and happy mother's day.