Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rush, Rush

So today we had the MOPS garage sale at my house. This last year we had very little money for anything extra to do or just fun crafts so we were hoping to raise enough money with all the donations from MOPS moms to fund some things for next year. We had tons of donations, but not tons of people that came out. Unfortunately it was rainy and chilly today, so there just weren't a whole lot of people out. We did however, make a few hundred dollars, which will make a huge difference in our budget for next year so that alone is happy!

It was also just fun to spend some time with other MOPS moms, laughing, goofing around, pushing people out of the mudpile that is now my front yard, trying to get a very feisty groundhog out from underneath a customer's car, eating pizza and finding a summer wardrobe for Anna. I think all in all it was a productive day, and best of all we had lots of help to clean up, so it didn't take long and Goodwill is now the recipient of boxes upon boxes of new donations!

Now I'm just sit here to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time while Anna naps and Michael and Lilla watch Alladin. Hopefully they will be out soon too. It's peaceful in the house, and exactly what I need after days and days of busy times, preparing for our last MOPS of the year yesterday and then the garage sale today.

I need a nap...


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Oh how fun! Even with a rainy day it seems like you guys did pretty good! I love yard sales, and am getting ready to have a big one here before too long, but I'd rather hunt for treasures than sale my own "junk" lol It's so much more fun!

creative gal said...

YEah!! Glad you had fun!! Congrats on the money!! :o)