Friday, June 19, 2009


Psalm 127:3 Children are an inheritance from the LORD. They are a reward from him.

Life with kids lately has been trying. Lilla has been sick with a double ear infection and pinkeye and it is making her particularly clingy. This is difficult since I have a six month old that still needs to be carried everywhere and prefers to be held above all else.
Anna has been fussy too, as I think she is teething. We've had a lot of long days, where my husband doesn't get home until late and I just seem to be losing my patience more and more with them. Emotions have run high and crying seems to be the norm. Often during these times it is a bit difficult to be thankful for my children and remind myself that I chose and GET to stay home with them everyday.

This week though, I couldn't help but look at my life and be thankful. Why? I'm glad you asked, because I want to introduce you to the Mighty Molly Mutz. Dennis Rainey, the host of Family Life Today is her grandpa and he wrote a beautiful article on her this past week. I hope you will spend a little time getting to know her too.

And then, hopefully, you will look at your children, and your life, a little different today. I know I have.


amy said...

Love the pics..I hope next week is better for ya!

gail said...

Sorry I haven't been by, Amy. I switched computers and couldn't figure out how to import my favorites. So it is taking a while...hugs to all. gail