Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

"Enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal!"

1. Yesterday, at dinner I was getting frustrated with the peanut once again as she just refused food, AGAIN. So, I started praying for patience when I hear this little voice, "Mommy, I pray Jesus." OK, so just melt my heart why don't you. So I started her off, "Jesus (she repeats what I say), I love you." She then told Jesus she loved Him. Wow, wow, wow. Could there be anything sweeter?

2. The sunshine yesterday and today. It's been streaming through the windows all morning and I am just loving it!!

3. A new refrigerator. So, we are not major purchase kind of people, but we were at Fry's Electronics on Friday and saw this Maytag they were just trying to move for $500. I think the normal price was like $1200. Our old one was, well, old, to say the least. The door was crooked, it kind of cools things unevenly, it was smaller...blah,blah, blah. Anyway, we got the new one yesterday and wow, it is nice. It's funny because it just barely fit so they had to squeeze it in, but we are loving it. Oh, and now we have an extra one for storage in the garage.

4. My little drummer girl. She got this for her birthday and just loves it.
She just walks around the house playing her drum all day long!

5. MOPS. We had such a good time on Friday just spending some time with other girls and learning about making our house a home with simple decorations. It has totally inspired me to "create".

6. Conversation with my husband. We've been learning more about evangalism at church and it has really spurred my husband and I on to thinking more about it. The other night we just lay in bed talking about it and how important it is to us and to God. Now that was something worth staying up late for!

7. Reconnecting with old friends. I signed up for a myspace page 2 years ago to keep in contact with my little brother and sister in Florida, but it has really been an avenue to find old friends. Some friends from junior high contacted me this past week and it was so fabulous to catch up with them! Love it!

8. The blog party. I've really enjoyed getting to know some new people and spending a bit of time on their blogs. I love a good party!

9. Books. We recently got the peanut some Dr. Suess books from Kohl's (they are on sale for $5!) and I have seriously enjoyed them. Particularly Horton Hatches an Egg. They are funny, have lots of words and fun pictures and they are a great way to end the day!

10. Fresh eggs. Our chickens have started laying again in the last couple of weeks and it has been so great. Just this morning I went out to find two more of these delightful eggs. You can see the one has some chicken fuzz stuck to it. Now, that's what I call fresh!!


Michelle in Mx said...

Penut melted my heart too . . . how increadably sweet!
So often (especially around 4pm) my prayers are "Lord, help me out, I have NOTHING more to give them!"
Sounds like Joy is yours. I'm happy for you!

Amanda said...

such sweet smiles amy...loving the peanut with her drum! also, so glad you guys were able to do some playing outside and enjoy the "springy-ness" the other day...isn't it glorious!

Cyndi said...

Great list. There is nothing like a sweet baby, good friends and fresh eggs!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Hi Amy- You're the winner of my book bag from the Blog Party. Please email me your mailing address jillianinc (at) yahoo (dot) com. and I'll get it off to you next week. Congrats!

PS- I was born and raised in the Midwest.