Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ten Smile Tuesday

My friend, Amanda, over at http://theyakfamilyblog.blogspot.com, does this thing called Ten Smile Tuesday. I'm pretty sure she made it up herself. It's just a great way to remember your blessings, at least once a week. After my last post, I thought maybe I should do that to show I really do have much to be thankful for. So, here goes...

1. Although we had a serious problem getting the peanut to smile and take pictures both times at the studios, there were a couple of cute ones that I'm excited to receive next week. I'll post them once I get them, but they are adorable, ecspecially when put together! She's playing peek a boo!

2. Saturday we had dinner with some of my husband's co-workers, a Turkish meal of Gyros and other yummy stuff. It was nice to get to spend some time with people from another country and the other couple who was there, which are Christian friends of ours.

3. I don't normally go to my in-laws, just because there are always tons of people there and it makes me a little anxious, but after the pictures on Friday, we were in the neighborhood so I decided to stop by. I didn't call first so everyone was so happily suprised to see me, it was a really nice feeling for everyone to call out, "AMY!!" when I walked in.

4. Being healthy again. After our family being sick for so long it has been wonderful for us all to feel just normal again.

5. Lemon cake. I made it for Saturday's get together. A yummy bundt with a lemony frosting that was just fabulous. My husband said the ladies from work went on and on about it so he's insisting I make another one this week. That's a nice thing to hear!!

6. Shopping alone. On Sunday I dropped Michael and the peanut off at his parent's and just ran around shopping for nothing really. It was just so nice to spend some much needed time alone where I could just look and veg out. I love days like that as they are just so few and far between.

7. New sheets. I know it seems small but I really love clean, white sheets. We buy ones that are like soft t-shirts from Target and we love them. The dogs are always jumping on the bed so there were a lot of marks on the old ones that bleach wouldn't even take out so when they went on sale this week I was all over that action. Good stuff!

8. Carrie. I have a friend named Carrie that I can just call to say hi and we can talk forever about everything and nothing. That happened yesterday and it just made me really happy. I love having a friend like that.

9. Spring. Sunday it was so incredibly warm out, it really felt like Spring. It was so nice to have the sun on my face and the window rolled down. It was really fabulous!

10. Tax return. We found out ours would be enough to pay for the siding we need to replace on our new house so we'll be getting it fixed soon. Between what is left over and my husband's bonus, we will be able to pay off the car too! Yahoo! We just bought it a few months ago and had not had a car payment for quite some time before that so it's nice to not have one again. It's just really a load off of us. There really is something to be said for buying older cars!!

So, thanks Amanda for this idea, it was nice looking back and having things to smile about today!

For the rest of you, what can I smile with you about?


Elizabeth said...

This was a good idea, thanks for sharing your "smile moments". If I have time later I will try and do the same on my blog. I'm sorry about your pics, but unfortunately, I have had similar things happen in the past before as well. I'm glad you have your xmas video and glad you guys are back on the healthy track too! :)

Amanda said...

so good to smile...well, to think about all that we have to smile about. glad to read through yours...thanks for sharing amy!

meg said...

OH, I'm so sorry about the pictures- that is just heartbreaking (which reminds me, I need to go put mine on backup disc again :-P)
Wow- no car payments? What a blessing! We currently have two, & while God has provided the means, it would be so wonderful... oh, well.