Tuesday, December 09, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

I'm going to try to get this one in just under the gun today. It's already 11 pm and I have an early doctor's appt. so I'll make it quick with no pictures. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow...

Anyway, a quick 10 smiles for you...

1. One week. Just one week. One week from today I will be holding sweet Anna in my arms. Yeah, that smile can't really be beat!

2. Bolt. We went and saw this with some friends today and it was really cute. The peanut just loved going to the movies and seeing something on the big screen. She's fascinated!

3. Playdate. This morning a couple of my friends came over and the girl's got to play for several hours while we chatted. Since I've been so tired lately due to the end being so near we haven't gotten out much, so it was fun to have friends over for me and for the peanut!

4. Friday. Last Friday night I went to a friend's house for pizza and fellowship with her and another girl. It was crazy with 9 little girls in the house, but oh, they had fun and we did too!

5. Superbaby. When the peanut goes to this particular friends house (who has kids ages 4, 8 and 11) she loves to have this particular baby blanket tied around her neck and she runs around the house with the girls in pursuit yelling, "Superbaby!!" It's seriously funny!!

6. Sugar cookies. My husband always makes sugar cookies for his employees this time of year, and this time I was of little help as my ankles are huge at this point! So, all day Sunday I got to lay in bed while I brought me the broken ones...mmm, they were good!!

7. Sweet gifts. Having a 2nd baby is so different from the first. No showers or any poo poohing like the first time. So, I was so sweetly surprised when my friend brought over these adorable little Christmas outfits today as gift to Anna. So sweet! And, a beautiful white blanket too!

8. MOPS. (Mothers of Preschoolers) Our last MOPS of the year was this last Friday and we had such a nice time learning to decorate cheap chick. Who doesn't love cheap decorating ideas? Good stuff!

9. MOPS Dinner. Saturday night we had our annual MOPS dinner for our MOPS moms and significant others. Good food, good fellowship and a great speaker! You gotta love this program!

10. Lights. The peanut has been getting so excited over the Christmas lights that she sees as we are out and about. She says, "I don't have any on my house..." in a very sad tone. I totally wanted to do it just for her, but this year, due to the baby we are pretty low key. Oh, but she loves it so much...ah, to see Christmas through the eyes of a 2 year old. It's just the best!

What are you smiling about today?


Anonymous said...

So, is it a planned c-section or are you just THAT consistent with deliveries? LOL Praying God's strength for you and baby Anna as the one becomes two! How do you like having your heart walk around outside of you so far with the Peanut? It only gets harder/sweeter/more challenging.
Tammy :):):)

Cyndi said...

I am missing our mops meeting today. I'm home with a stomach flu instead.

You better hurry with that belly pic before its too late!