Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ten Smile Tuesday...ah, a little late

So, this is a bit late, but better late than never right? I must be in nesting mode right now because I've had very few minutes to just sit down and spend time to write such a long post it seems. I am absolutely huge right now too, which is funny that I'm waddling around cleaning and shopping and calling...just busyness when I've got one heavy belly right now! Sorry no pictures of it. I keep meaning to take pics, but it's just one of those things I keep saying I'll do and never get around to. Which, for posterity, is too bad. I really want a picture of the peanut kissing my belly too...ah, I need to do that today!!

So anyway...on the smiles...

1. Teeny weeny clothes. So I finally got the baby clothes back from my sister last week, and I can hardly believe how small they are! I got the clothes up to about 9 months and whew, I've spent some time doing laundry this week. Folding all these little clothes just makes me, she is close! Only 13 more days and I'll be the parent to 2 little, life is about to change forever!

2. Cuddle time. Lilla has been particularly cuddly lately. I'm not sure if she's trying to soak up the last moments of being an only or what, but she has just wanted to love and kiss and cuddle under the blankets a whole lot more than usual...and this mommy loves every minute of it!

3. Craft time. The peanut has been loving doing crafts lately. She totally takes after me with that. Just about every day you can hear her saying, "I do craft, craft, craft!!" So I've been thinking of little things to do here and there. She has so much fun creating, it's awesome!

3. Speaking of crafts, my sister-in-law, Amy, always likes to have a craft for the kids to do at family events and this was the one for Thanksgiving. An ornament that they got to choose what rub ons to put on it.

4. Interesting. At Thanksgiving dinner at Michael's parents, everyone drinks out of wine glasses, which Lilla found so fascinating. She just kept picking it up and looking at the blue stem through the glass, so wonderful to watch her make new discoveries and just to learn!
5. Little painted toes. So I was painting my toes the other day and the peanut was so fascinated by it that I just had to do her too. Oh, my gosh, have I enjoyed looking at those little red toes ever since!

6. Snow. Although we've only had a dusting of it, the peanut is so fascinated by it, I just love seeing it! She woke up yesterday morning and all I could hear upstairs was her calling down to me, "Snow, snow, snow!!" Oh, she is so excited to get to make snow angels. We've not had nearly enough snow for that, but oh, how excited she will be when we do!

7. A visit to the man in red. We were at the mall the other day and saw the big guy, but do you know how much it was to get a picture? $16!! That is crazy, and they strictly enforce not taking your own pictures. What a racket! So, we were at Wal-Mart a little later and they he was again! So she hopped up on his lap and told him her Christmas wish...her very own camera! (She is her mother's daughter!)
8. These tights...are they not adorable? Seriously, I can't get enough of them! She's worn them twice in the last week because I am such a sucker for it!

9. This picture...because,well, does it really need an explanantion?
10. Deals and steals. So every Black Friday we have to do at least a bit of shopping. This year we didn't see any fantastic deals, but did score a few items and got pretty much all of our shopping done in one day. I actually only went to one store, Kohl's, to get one item. I picked it up and starting walking towards the front when I realized there were a lot of people just standing toward the back of the store...holy cow, it was the line!! So, I put down the item and walked out. 45 minutes was just way too long for this big prego to stand for a bit of a discount! We did score the aforementioned Little Tikes camera for $20 and a GPS for $96 though, which are usually significantly higher a bunch of other items, so we were still satisfied. How did you all do?

11. Oh, and a bonus. Last week we went over to my friend Shelly's where we baked lots of cookies, laughed hysterically and watched the Charlie Brown specials all cuddled up in the living room with each other. It was just one of those sweet times that you always want to remember.

12. And one I mentioned in the last post, I won a gift certificate for $50 for a new ring sling. I so wanted one but didn't want to pay that much for it...oh, what a blessing!!

So those are just some of the smiles from the past week...what are you smiling about?


Chelle said...

oh and what a lot of sweet smiles those are...and I see you and Lilla are making the absolute most of your last few days until it becomes the four of you!

God bless your week and the smiles it will bring!

Anonymous said...

Peanut really favors you! Love your blue eyes shining together. So... a baby for Christmas! Already have the other stocking hung?
blessings heaped on you and yours this season!
Tammy :):):)

Amanda said...

such sweet smiles and pics...but amy, can i just tell you...i totally laughed the most reading your "sweet justice" post. for real...crack me up! :)

Rebecca said...

enjoyed your smiles. love the pictures. lilla is adorable! she's going to be a great big sister! yes, i know what midwest beaches are like. you know, i really miss living in the midwest, though. i'm definitely a midwestern girl at heart!

Rebecca said...

enjoyed your smiles. love the pictures. lilla is adorable! she's going to be a great big sister! yes, i know what midwest beaches are like. you know, i really miss living in the midwest, though. i'm definitely a midwestern girl at heart!

Cyndi said...

What sweet pictures! I hope when you get around to taking that belly pic that you post it!

We tried to go to Kohl's, too, and had the same experience. I just couldn't face that line with both my kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm smiling about this post! It is wonderful, Amy. Love the pictures - the wine glad one is really something.

bless you all, gail