Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

OK, so before the day gets away from me again, I want to post my 10 smiles for the week. The peanut is still sleeping so I'm going to try to make it quick before she wakes up and the world bursts open!!

1. Painting. I gave the peanut watercolors and a paintbrush for the first time yesterday and it was love at first sight! She just kept painting and painting and painting. She probably spent a good hour and a half doing. It was lots of fun!

2. Family. My stepfather's family came to visit my parent's the weekend and it was so fun to see them again. We always have a good laugh and it was just a fun time.

3. Play kitchen. I found a Little Tikes play kitchen for the peanut on Craigslist and she is loving it! She loves the idea of cooking and baking and it has been fun!

4. Cookie making. The peanut and I made cookies for the first time last week. I usually don't make them here as I can't control myself to not eat all of them so this was a special treat. She had so much fun doing it you can't help but want to do it again!

5. Sermons. I've spent a lot of time in my car lately and so I've had an opportunity to listen to some of the sermon podcasts that have been sitting there forever. I really enjoy verse by verse (expository) preaching and I've downloaded some good ones so they've been eductional and thought provoking. And that is super good when you are a stay at home mom and your day can consist of wether to watch Dora or Diego!

6. Money Saving Mom. Thank to my friend Amanda, at Blessings all Mine, I was introduced to this website Money Saving Mom. She has got some great advice for saving money, getting things for free and coupons. Love, love, love it! I put her link in my sidebar if you want to go save money too!

7. Puddles. The peanut has discovered the joy of puddles. She loves to jump and splash in them and will just giggle and call out "Puddle!!" Seriously adorable!

8. Potty training. We've been kind of laxed lately as we've been so busy but yesterday she did go poopy for the first time on the chair. Holy cow, I almost cried!! Good stuff! OK, except for the fact that I had to clean that out, that's just not cool. Ewwww... Unfortunately, due to her very small size, the big toilet scares her so she won't go on it. Oh well, one step closer is a smile for me!

9. Deals. Kohl's (my favorite store besides the GAP) was having a super great sale this weekend, my in-laws gave us their 30% off your entire order coupon. We got the husband a bunch of new polos for work and I got my new summer t's and we saved a bundle. Good times!!

10. Buds. My trees are really finally budding. Two of the trees have got little bitty leaves on them. Summer is coming!! I think that is my biggest smile of all!!

What are you smiling about today??


Amanda said...

such great smiles! i can so relate to the cleaning out the potty chair...i was so glad when elizabeth "graduated"....and we too did some kohls-shopping this weekend...good stuff!

The Barber Bunch said...

Just surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

Nice Blog!


Christine said...

Those are some wonderful smiles! I love baking with the kids!

Congrats on the potty training! Good job, Peanut!!

OK I update my bloglines.

Anonymous said...

Another milestone. Good stuff. g