Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

Time is a flying and here we go again with the past week of some things that added a bit of extra joy to my day!

1. A big baby clothes garage sale type thing put on by a local MOPS every year. I spent $40 and got 3 pairs of maternity pants, a maternity jogging suit and several shirts plus a whole bunch of winter clothes for the peanut next fall and winter. Good deal!!

2. My herbs are popping up! Yeah! I was so concerned as it has been chilly willy here lately but I went to check them today and they are itty bitty but so there! I can't wait to start picking from my herb garden, love it!

3. Two of my nephews had first communion this weekend so my husband's whole family was there for the after party and it was crazy loud! So much fun though to see that they enjoy each other so much and want to be together. Can't beat that!

4. My sister was in the hospital unexpectedly this week so my niece stayed with us for a few days and she and the peanut had some fun together. After she left, whew, we had a HUGE nap as the peanut was one tired girl!

5. New lawnmower. My brother in law brought us the riding lawnmowever from KY that he sold us for $300. It is only two years old and has all these fancy attachments. We just can't believe he sold it to us for that, it was such a blessing. We would easily have paid $3000 for it had we bought it anywhere else. You gotta love family! It has made mowing the lawn a snap and kind of fun too!

6. Pregnancy news. It has been so fun telling people about the pea in my pod. Everyone is so positive about it and shared in our joy. It's been wonderful and we are thankful!

7. Flowers. My trees are all blooming and the one in the front yard is full of all these bright pink flowers. I don't know anything about trees but this one is fabulous!

8. Leviticus. I know this is not a normal smile but I've been reading it lately and praying God would help not to make it so dry. I really have been getting more out of it than I thought and enjoying the fact that we don't have to live by so many little laws like that anymore!

9. Cracker Barrel pancakes. After the shopping on Saturday my sister and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and let me tell you, they have THE best pancakes there. I had no idea as I never order pancakes out as they are so easy to make at home I hate to pay so much for them. I was missing out though, yummo!!

10. Having breakfast with my sister. No kids, no spouses, just us. That NEVER happens so it was just really fun. We sat and talked, yes, quite a bit about our kids, but we never had to wipe mouths, help reach for a drink or deal with bathroom breaks. We just talked. It was great!

What are you all smiling about today?


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Great stuff here. Have you tried freecycle.org for free stuff? I don't know how it would be in a lesser populated place like where you live but I would be able to outfit a nursery and clothe a number of children with the stuff given away around here!

Let me know if you try it out, Amy. hugs, g

p.s. How are you feeling?

Cyndi said...

I love Cracker Barrels blueberry pancakes. They are the best.

Almost all the flowering trees are finished already here. :(

Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

Those are all wonderful things to smile at.

What type of herbs did you plant?

Peanut is going to make the funnest Big Sister!!

Have a great day, Amy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! I will pray for an uneventful one!

Marcie said...

Let's of things going on over there! Congrats on the baby and love the new look of your blog.

Carrie said...

So I don't stop by here for a few days and look what I miss!!! I cannot believe you are pregnant!! CONGRATS! I'm so excited for you! And now, I have 4 of my 7 "Amy Friends" that are now pregnant. Holy cow!

God bless :)