Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

Is it just me or does the temperature seem to have dropped like a million degrees overnight. I am just feeling so bitterly cold right now. You know that kind of cold that feels as though it is deep in your bones and you can't shake it? Yeah, it's a lot like that. The only thing that seems to quelm it is a hot shower. Ooooo...that sounds real nice. Being that it's almost 11 pm though, I think I will skip it. Maybe a hot cup of tea before bed, we'll see.

Today has been a long day. It started off with my mom calling me telling me that some tests she took came back A typical. My mom had bladder cancer two years ago and has been in remission since. She went back today to do more tests. It's a horrible thing to think about and we are just praying that something is amiss with the testing. She found out she has arthritis in her knees a few months back so she's been popping Ibprofen like it's going out of style. She's hoping that was the cause of the problems in the urine sample. I don't know if that's possible or not but it sure would be a comfort to me.

To top it off Michael has been having chest pains for the past couple of weeks. Being the man that he is, of course he has done nothing about it. So, tonight he finally went to the ER (where he is as I write) to get checked out. I'm waiting for him to come back and just tell me he has a strained muscle or something. Makes me nervous even typing this. We decided for him to go alone because the peanut just wouldn't do well at 10 pm in an Emergency Room. Also, the hospital is 5 minutes at most from here so that's a comfort.

There were good things in the day too. Michael and the peanut put up her new swingset together! How fun is that!! We got it last week for 1/2 price so we are excited. It's just one of the simple metal ones that will be good for her toddler years. It's got a 3 swings, a slide, a teeter tawter and something I don't know the name of on it. I really think she will enjoy it. It's too bad it's so cold out so it will be several months before she can really use it. We didn't want to leave it in the garage though as we do, someday, plan on getting that new car!!

So, no, I still haven't gotten another car. It stinks because it's really kind of crippling in the middle of nowhere. However, I have also seen the blessings God gives me through friends at this time. I've had several friends offer to come and get me just to go shopping or to the library and playdates. It's so nice because the peanut and I may have gone stir crazy without them!

I hope you all are well, I'm going to try and visit my blogging buds in the next couple of days. I've been really lacking on my visits. I need to have a fire lit under me! Oh, maybe that wouldn't be so bad at this point, I need the warmth!!


Amanda said... much going on. I am praying for your mom and for Michael...hope it did turn out to be nothing. I can't imagine sitting at home waiting for my hubby to come home from the ER...but also can't imagine the little ones in the ER at 10 pm! We went to the bounce place in avon again today...seriously, you and the peanut need to come meet us there some day (once you get a car)...and maybe your sister and her girls much fun! And, I know, we talk about getting together and don't make it happen...but seriously, we so NEED to!

Carole said...

Praying for your mom that everything is okay...and praying for Michael as well. Hopefully it's just a strained muscle and nothing serious. Thinking of you and your family.