Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beeny Weeny

Saturday night my sister in law decided it was time to get all the special girls together from her life and have a girl’s night. She rented a limo to pick everyone up, had drinks and food and foot baths. She wanted it just to be a time for the girl’s to have a great time and just be girls. That was so very thoughtful of her.

You know, since I got married I never have time with just girls. I always have the peanut attached to my side and I just thought it would be so much fun. You know, kind of relive my youth days a bit. Looking back I remembered spending lots of nights going dancing with my friends and just laughing and talking and I missed it.

I had another friend that lives nearby tell me she was going to have a weinie roast the same night and invited our family to that. You know, just sitting around a campfire. Toasting hot dogs and munching on smores. Laughing and talking, sounds like fun! Of course I couldn’t do both and I had committed to my sister in law first so that’s the way I went.

Taking a ride in the limo was fun. I had a glass of wine, which I just never do. Please people, I am way too cheap to buy alcohol. Not to mention, I don’t really care for the way it makes me feel and I don’t really like it around the peanut. Anyway, as a result of not drinking since I got pregnant with the exception of a couple of sips since the end of breastfeeding, it didn’t take too long before I was feeling it. And I’m talking not in a good way.

To compound the issue, I was surrounded, with the exception of my sister, Erika, by a gaggle of girls who’s apparent only topic of conversation was drinking, sex and more drinking. Wow, the depth! Mind you, I’m completely incapable of small talk so this to me is like sticking needles in my eyes.

Let me just tell you how by 9pm I was calling my husband begging him to come and get me.

On Tuesday I talked to my weinie roast friend to ask her how things had gone. She relayed the story of how her daughter got sick at the gathering but she wished I would have been there to shoo everyone away. Apparently they stayed another two hours. Is it totally sad I wished I would have been there too?

Yeah, when it comes down to it, I think I’m just a weinie roast kind of girl.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how unimportant such times become? Your priorities have changed so. However, a girls' night out can be a very good thing as long as you are of the same mind, right?

Your friend who had the roast must be really close with you. She knew she could count on you to help her out in an uncomfortable situation. You must be a very good friend, Amy.

Bread machines are lethal to the waist line! I used to let the machine do the kneading and rising and then put the dough into regular bread pans. That way you don't get that weird shape.

Please give the Peanut a cuddle from me. gail

Jendi said...

I, too, found out the hard way that time with just girls was not fun after having a family - unless they were other mothers! :) Then the conversation centered around baby food, potty training, etc. That I could talk about!

amanda said...

i totally agree with being a weinie roast kinda gal these days...then again, i think i might have preferred that even before the married with kids days! then again, i do love a night with the long as it is the diet coke and peanut m&m's kinda night...ahh...the finer things in life, right!?

tami and todd said...

That picture of you two is absolutely adorable!!