Tuesday, July 08, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday weekend. Ours was super wet and brrrr...was it cold?!?! That was so strange. Usually the 4th we are so hot it's like you just want to peel the clothes off. This one we were putting clothes on, yep, sweatshirts and jackets. Soooo odd. But still, we were with lots and lots and lots of family this weekend, so a good time was had! Here are some 10 smiles from it!

1. Meeting my brother's new girlfriend for the first time. My brother never has a girlfriend. He is way too shy and introverted but he finally braved the waters, went on Eharmony, and met someone. And, I really liked her! She was just like us. We just sat around and talked all night, laughed a bit, cried a bit (hey, we are girls after all!) and just had a super time. Don't you just love meeting someone and making an instant friend?

2. Fireworks. This is the first time the peanut really got to enjoy the fireworks as she was so young in the past. She was just watching in amazement as they went off. We got two nights in a row of them so it was good stuff. Here's my favorite picture of her watching them:
3. Water guns. The peanut has never seen one before, but boy did she love it! Her cousins were all running around with them so she jumped in on the fun and had a blast! She still has a bit of a hard time with pushing the button but she developed her own method, with two fingers, good times!4. Corn. What says the 4th better than good old fashioned buttery corn? The peanut could not get enough! She loved it on the cob. Yummo!5. Bingo. The peanut joined me for a game and won on her first try. She won a jump rope out of it. She loved it and was walking around saying, "I play Bingo!" all night!
6. Watermelon. Has anyone else noticed watermelon being better this year than they remember in the near past? I'm serious, this last week I could not get enough, fantastic!

7. Cousins. The peanut had three straight days of playing with her cousins. She really had a blast, but, boy, was she worn out! She loved every minute of it though and has been saying their names ever since in anticipation of more playing!

8. Elephant Ears. Now I know there are a lot of few smiles on this post, but really, that is one good fourth to a foody! So we went to the itty bitty festival in my parents town, where it had poured all day, so no one was there, and got an Elephant Ear that was THE single best elephant ear I've ever had. I think it had to do with them not feeling rushed, but it was fabulous!

9. Fireworks in my belly. I can't be for sure but I think I might be feeling the first movements, here and there. I lay in bed trying to concentrate, but I think it's just a random tickle here, a random tickle there. The best part of pregnancy, in my own humble opinion!

10. Celebrating our countrie's freedom. I know we have a lot of unresolved issues in this country and everyone believes it's going to dogs, but really, when I think of other countries and all of their religious and political persecutions, I'm sure glad to be in this one!

What are you smiling about today?


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th! Sorry I've been MIA lately but I had a few free moments to post so I thought I'd take advantage. I've a question..Are you going to find out if you are having a boy or girl? I was just curious :)

ocm said...

On watermelon: you're pregnant :)

Thanks for the post!

Last summer we worked with the middle school kids...not sure what we're getting next year, I'll have to ask Peg.

You were dead on--they LOVED to play games and ask questions about us, our lives, the States...so much fun!

I just found a Deli near my place that is owned by a Hungarian family...serving Hungarian, German and other European dishes...I can hardly wait to check it out!

I can relate to this time of year...I was in HU this week of 2007... and hopefully leaving again a year from tomorrow!!!!

It would be great to talk with your friends...if they don't mind. Send 'em to the blog if they want to check me out (not that a blog is in any way a complete picture of one's life) :)

Hope you continue to have a great summer!

: )