Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ten Smiles...a day late

I meant to post yesterday but tootie never took a nap so I just never had a real moment to spend on this post. We've been having a busy, but good last week. I've not really been posting as it doesn't seem I have too much to say right now, but I do have some smiles to share!

1. For those of you who have been with me for awhile, you'll remember that back in March I lost my wedding bands. Never did find them and I still can't imagine how they got off my finger. But anyway, I never got a real replacement. I just wore an inexpensive little ring that we were calling the five year ring. We knew we would replace it someday, not just yet. Anyway, last week we went to a jewlery store that was in it's last two days of business. So, of course, they were seriously trying to unload merchandise. We weren't expecting to find anything, but walked out of the store, with...

So yes, I look like I'm married again. Woo hoo! It is actually way nicer than my old ring, and the only way we could afford it was 85% off the original price!! I am so not kidding. We almost fell over and said, "SOLD!!" I need to get it sodered still but don't want to let go of it quite yet. LOL

2. Fun in the sun. Last week we finally had some nice days when Michael was off work so we got to enjoy the pool. Great way to cool off and just enjoy summer!

3. Garage Sale Awesome Deal. So on Saturday we decided to go garage saleing again and what I was looking for is one of those Little Tike houses for the backyard. Totally found one at the first place we stopped at. I told Michael if it was anymore than $30 we wouldn't buy it. (They are like $140 new) I could hardly believe it when they said $5!! Then, they delivered to our house!! They totally had to have spent that much in gas just getting it here, probably more. And the peanut is crazy about that thing. She says, "My house." And tells me she needs food for the table. So cute!

4. Festivals. I love festival season, my favorite part about summer. We had a little art one in our town this weekend and I found someone willing to make me a sling for $18. Very cool since I am always seeing them online for like $60!

5. New bible study. Some girls from my MOPS group have decided to do a small bible study this summer. I'm excited to learn some new stuff and to make some new friends. It should be good!

6. Church picnic. On Sunday we had our bi-annual church picnic. It's walys fun to eat yummy foods and hang out with great people!

7. Hospital. My insurance fixed their differences with the hospital we wanted to deliver at so we get to go back there, yahoo! It's close to my in-laws and has a NICU so we just prefer that to our local itty bitty hospital.

8. Pesto Pasta. So my Basil has suddenly gone nuts so I've been making Pesto like crazy. I just put it on some bow tie pasta and it it sooooo yummy!

9. This picture, because dang, my little girl is C-U-T-E!!!

10. New clothes. I got some clearance maternity stuff from Babies-R-Us last week and then I went to this kids retail store where they were clearancing their maternity stuff. So, I got a like new Motherhood Linen summer outfit (black and tan) for $5!! I love a bargain!!

What are you smiling about this week?

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meg said...

OH, that brings back memories; we had a Lil' Tykes playhouse when the two oldest were little- how they loved that thing (& I think I paid $35 for it used more than *gulp* 20 yrs ago)