Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week at VBS I was the official photographer. I got some great shots of the kiddos, unfortunately, I'm going to choose not to post them since I don't have their parent's permission. Anyway, I was making the slideshow yesterday and the peanut was watching over my shoulder as I went through a bazillion photos. Suddenly she saw a girl in her class and asked me her name. I said, "Raelynn"... she said, "Friend."

Can life get anymore precious?


amy said...

what a very sweet moment

Carrie said...

How very sweet.

tami and todd said...

I also love that my kids are recognizing friends as well... and even seeking them out. That is a fun part of life, and I'm excited for them to enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Your site is looking so very good, Amy. Nice job.

VBS is exhausting, isn't it? So nice of you to take on the job of photographer. Good stuff.

Have a great week, g