Tuesday, July 22, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

Another Tuesday, another round of smiles for you that have kept us quite busy this last week!

1. Our biggest smile would have to be Michael's winnings at the county fair, thanks to our local GOP. It actually wound up being a win for the peanut, but it was Michael's name that was drawn out of over 600 others! We couldn't believe it when we heard the message on the answering machine, too fun! Here's the super duper first prize...
The sweetest part is when she got in it she said, "Thank you Daddy." After he said, "You're welcome," he then followed it up with, "You know Lilla, the Bible says that every good and perfect gift is from above, so let's thank Jesus for it." That was met with a, "Thank you Jesus," from the peanut. Just precious.

2. VBS at our church started yesterday, where I am the photographer, so I get to enjoy all the kids doing stuff they love while learning about God. Our theme is from answers in Genesis. It's so neat to hear proof of why we believe in Creationism and see the kids really getting it.

3. The joy on the peanut's face as she played a game at VBS last night. It was so precious to get to watch her from the outside and hear her precious little laughter.

4. An unexpected outing to my parent's house (they live an hour away) on Friday to go swimming. We had such fun just hanging out and enjoying the water!

5. A trip on Saturday to this humungous flea market that my parent's love to go to. We didn't find any ridiculously good deals, but it's the hunt that is really the fun part. It was super hot that day so I think that might have been part of having a hard time really concentrating to buy things.

6. Meeting up with my sister and her daughter's for an impromptu playdate today. We got some yummy Panera (they have a really incredible Strawberry/Mandarin/Blueberry/Walnut salad with poppyseed dressing that is sooooo fabulous there!) and then went to a local park and had a lovely little walk in the park.

7. A delicous new recipe I tried for a Maple Sausage Egg Casserole. Seriously fabulous!

8. My women's bible study on Thursday night. We are doing a survey of the new testament, and it is really interesting and has been great for getting to know some other MOPS women.

9. Holding hands. While we were at the flea market, my parent's took the peanut for awhile while Michael and I sifted the aisles. We are rarely alone so it was so sweet just walking hand in hand and talking about "things".

10. Our local 4-H fair. We learned about composting, goats and just enjoyed the animals. The peanut had a blast going from stall to stall with the animals. We went three times in the week they were here and just had fun. We totally decided to get a goat because they were so sweet. Then, we realized how they have a tendency to eat everything and it's brother and we decided not to be eaten out of retirement someday. :) Maybe we'll just stick with chickens!!
So what are you smiling about today? Do tell!


Cyndi said...

That sounds like a fun week. Our VBS started this week too and it is always a fun but busy time.

Amanda said...

wonderful smiles. lovin' the peanuts new toy! what luck! and you definitely need to post the fab recipe for maple sausage egg casserole!

Rebecca said...

great smiles! love the peanunt's new ride! such fun! she's so cute!

Rebecca said...

thanks for stopping by! yes, we are so excited about this move. can't wait! only a little over a month to go. well, my hubby had to pin libbs down so i could even cut her bangs, so i guess it was luck that they turned out fairly even:). how's the pregnancy? hope your week goes great!

meg said...

That's one sweet ride~ Michael is so kind to share it with Peanut (my guys would really have to think about it) :-)

Christine@AreWeThereYetMOm said...

Enough said, "Thank you Jesus", for all you've given to us!
That is precious, Amy!
Can she get anymore adorable?

VDog said...

Oh my goodness, your kid is super cute!! And ADORALE on the ride-on!