Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

Whew, we had quite the week last week. We just went and went and went... by Sunday night, all three of us were just collapsing from the busyness. I usually lay in bed for at least 1/2 hour just thinking before I fall asleep, but not Sunday. I layed my head down and I was so out, whew! Just one busy week! There were a lot of smiles in it though, so here you go...

1. VBS. Oh, it was just so fun to watch the kids have such a great time and really learn the truth about creationism and be able to refute evolution. Most of it I already knew, but I have to say, it sure was a good refresher for me. Loved it!

2. At the end of the program on Friday the 2 and 3's sang Jesus Love me and repeated the verse, "Your word is truth." John 17:17. It was so fun watching Lilla learn it and say it. She particularly loved to say 17:17! So cute. The peanut is the shortest of the kids. You gotta watch a few seconds in to see just how adorable it gets.

3. On Saturday we had a birthday lunch for my brother at Longhorn. Right after lunch he proposed to his girlfriend! Yes, right there, in Longhorn. We all almost flipped out. Looks like there will be a November wedding. Crazy times!

4. After that birthday party, we went to my good friend, Claudia's, son's 1st birthday party. It's always nice to see my friend and her parents. We couldn't stay long but you gotta love sweet fellowship like that!

5. Following the birthday party, we headed an hour and a half away to my parent's house. We dropped off the peanut and went to my 15 year high school reunion. Something which I thought I'd never do, since I was so shy in high school and never spoke to anyone, but I actually had a really great time just catching up with people and finding out, whatever happened to???

6. The peanut has been doing this new thing lately, when she sees my husband after work she runs up to him, hugs his legs and yells, "I MISS YOU DADDY!!" So precious!

7. Two zucchini and four green beans. Yes, weird I know, but my garden has finally produced something other than lettuce and strawberries. The flood basically rotted the roots of everything so we thought it would be totally dead, there are some things growing finally though, very exciting! The cantalope plants are getting really big too so hopefully something will happen. Along with the pumpkin plants...let's just hope. LOL

8. The other day when my husband came in from mowing he was going to jump in the shower when he passed the peanut while taking off his shirt. She immediatly had to do the exact same thing and follow him around the house doing whatever he did. She's been doing a lot of that lately, she just wants to be like him. It reminds me of how we should be with Jesus, disciples.

9. What happened? This is the question always on the peanut's lips. While it can drive me nuts, I love that she is interested in discovering the world around her and wants to know what's going on.

10. Clothes. My sister in law was so kind to bestow me with another bag of clothes for the peanut on Sunday. As free is my favorite price always, I much appreciate the passing on of clothes!

What are you smiling about today?


Rebecca said...

great smiles! loved the video of the peanut...super cute! and free clothes is always something to smile about!

Amanda said...

gotta love these smiles! i love how libs follows mike (and me)...just as you were saying with the peanut. and free clothes. and first birthdays...and on and on.

amy said...

Great post, made me SMILE!

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said...

She's gonna be America's Next Top Dancer! The Peanut definetly is a character. How cute Amy! Thanks for the Smiles!!

Lindsay walking down the hallway calling my for my husband, "HONEY"
He gets a kick out of that! :)

Carole said...

This list is making me smile! The peanut is just beyond cute!