Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A few things

First of all, my friend Carrie, at Carrie's Crafty Cottage (I'm bad at linking, you'll have to just go to my links list) is having a giveaway for some very cute homemade cards. I'm always in for a giveaway, so, here's hoping!

Also, I just had to put down in writing what the peanut said yesterday.

Me: Would you like me to make you chicken nuggets for dinner?

Peanut: Happy Meal!

Me: A happy meal? What's in a happy meal?

Peanut: French Fries, my favorite!

Oh my, what are we teaching our child? It was so cute though. I had no idea she knew the words happy meal or favorite. Oh, what they pick up everyday! Fun times!
And then, last week on the 4th, it was rainy so we were all playing trivial pursuit. The guys were tossing back and forth answers and suddenly, at a quiet point, when Michael has just offered his best guess, she pipes in, "Hmmm...Could be."
She certainly keeps us laughing!


Cyndi said...

It is so funny the things kids come up with. My daughter went on and on about Spongebob when she was about 2 or so, even though I never let her watch it.

Rebecca said...

hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog! your daughter is beautiful...such a cutie pie! and what cute things kids say, eh? my libbs is all about "donald's" and the "paypace" there. i enjoyed looking over your blog. and thanks for the slideshow tip! also, i think we may have some help with the payment for prenatal care and such...we just won't be able to have an ultrasound this time around.

Anonymous said...

Why do kids like fried food so much? Why do we?

Yes, I think watermelon is better than in years past. I really don't care for it but had a few pieces recently and really enjoyed them.

I love how you count your blessings, Amy. g

Carrie said...

She's such a cutie!!! Love her red white and blue.

Amanda said...

have i told you lately how stinkin' adorable she is...seriously!

Deedra said...

How adorable! 2 year olds say the cutest things! Something new every day! My husband and I find ourselves looking at each other and grinning at something Carter has said several times a day lately! One of my favorites lately is when he gets real cuddly with Lilah and says, "Hey doll, what you doin'?"...Too cute!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

If my boys had their way they would have Happy Meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Anonymous said...

Can't say I blame her. French fries are yummy especially from Mickey D's!

I cannot believe how much she has grown! She is absolutely gorgeous!

Mike said...

French Fries' my favorite, too.


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