Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen People That I Can Honestly Say I Am Glad I Am Not
1. Britney I really need to explain?
2. President Bush...the stress would probably kill me
3. Hillary cheeks would hurt too much from that fake smile
4. Paris Hilton...prison stripes don't work for me
5. Angelina Jolie...I couldn't sleep at night if I stole somebody's husband
6. John Edwards...the people in his own state wouldn't vote for him
7. Rudy Guliani...seriously, not one win, just embaressing
8. Montel Williams...he's out of a job today
9. Dell, IBM, Intell...seriously must be hard to compete with Apple
10. Tom Cruise...seriously, the guy is just weird
11. Katie Holmes...because she is bound to him forever now.
12. The Bears...ugh, to be Rex Grossman can't be fun this year
13. Ted McGinley...every time this guy is on a TV show it gets cancelled. That can't be good on a resume!


jayedee said...

GREAT list! happy tt!

Neen said...

Your list made me laugh.

geek-betty said...

i have to agree with number one, whole heartedly.

She Became a Butterfly said...

don't forget about #3s laugh too.

mom huebert said...

I guess I'm also glad not to be any of those people!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Montel had his last show.

hugs, g

Miranda said...

I love this list. Great idea.

Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I wouldn't want to be any of them either (though I don't know who 12 and 13 are).