Monday, October 29, 2007

She did it!

Lilla pee peed in the potty!!

Now for those people with grown children or no children you are probably rolling your eyes right now…I realize that…but it’s serious. Do you know what I could save in diapers alone? Oh my gosh, I could start stashing the money…I mean Michael doesn’t really need to know, right? I am so just kidding people. LOL

It was so cute, she just wanted to sit on it while I read her books. Suddenly it started playing a little song (it’s like this little royal noise it makes when water trickles in) and I about fell off the stool in shock!! I think she nearly jumped from the potty seat. But boy was she proud. We called daddy and she said, “Pee pee.” Is that cute or what?

Ah, childhood!


Dana said...

Actually those of us with grown children (or almost grown) are rejoicing with you! We know exactly how you feel!!! I used to stand them on the bathroom counter after so they could see in the mirror and sing my own rendition of "I Feel Good!" they loved it...this is a major milestone!!!

Yay Lilla!!!!

meg said...

Oh, yes~ I remember the joy when that first milestone was passed; Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! That is good news.

Yes, I can be cold inside. It is so that I can do what I have to do when it is difficult. Then I thaw and break down a bit.

Bless you, sweetie. gail

Jendi said...

Congrats for you! I feel your joy. Woo-hoo! I have 2 down and one to go and I still hate potty training. So relieved when they can go all by theirself. :)

Sarah said...

Congrats to you and little Peanut! That is awesome! Yes, diapers are super expensive! I have 2 in dipers, and I would love it if my 2 year old would start going on the chair! He is so not interested in it, yet.

Best wishes...keep on the journey! Go Lilla Go!