Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ummm...maybe think again

Did you hear that Barack Obama was going door to door on Saturday in Iowa talking to possible voters? All I can say is, with 301 million people in this country, he may want to try a different strategy!


Elween said...

i think he should be given a chance to lead the government. my dad sees the potential in him actually

anyway i linked from somewhere (can't remember) to your blog..have a wonderful weekend! :)

Elween said...

oh btw, how's your adsense doing? i am beginning to learn how it works. and i have clicked a few to see the ad. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...who is his campaign manager? Oh, well. Hope you are having a wonderful day, gail

Michelle said...

ouch for his arm and cheeks!
And since I am so disconnected from the running canidates . . .let's see if I got this straight . . for the democratic party they are either offering the first man of color as president or the first woman (albeit, she's white). Hmmm
Somebody is going to be upset.
But perhaps I got something wrong there . . .???

Robin said...

Your thoughts here made me giggle.