Thursday, October 18, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things...

So tomorrow (Friday) for MOPS we are supposed to bring in our favorite thing. Something from our home that we love, whether priceless financially or priceless to us for sentimental reasons, just something that we really love. I've been thinking about it, maybe my scrapbooks, or pictures, they are my favorite things for sure. But I couldn't decide which or what. Then I finally got camera! It kind of encapsulates the whole thing since without it I wouldn't even have the former.
I love my camera. It's a Canon Rebel XT and it is really a great camera. I do wish it were smaller as there is no way that thing is going in my purse, but it takes great pictures and I really do love it.
I was also thinking about how I have very few shots of me since I am always the one behind the camera. Even when the peanut was really little, there are like three pictures of me with her. Bummer. So, today, on what may be the last warm day we have for quite a few months (it was like 80 today and is supposed to hit a whopping 65 tomorrow!) I took a few outside shots.

Oh, and this last one I just had to show you was taken once we came in...ya think the peanut likes peanut butter?


jenn said...

What great pictures! Totally adorable!

I have a little "treat" for you over on my blog. Pick it up when you can!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'd be lost without my camera! And actually when mine broke the day before the 1st day of school, I begged the Geek Squad at Best Buy to help me out and they just let me pick a new camera! All was saved!

Adorable pics!


Melanie said...

A camera is the perfect choice. Just thinking of all the memories we are able look back on because of our cameras makes me realize how lost I'd be without mine.

Great pictures.