Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 Smile Tuesday

So, being the slacker of a blogger that I am, I again have no pictures. This pregnancy must be affecting my brain because I'm usually very good about hauling my camera all over town, but lately I've just left it at home. Sitting there, collecting dust, while my baby is turning into a little girl. Never to recapture those moments again. OK, so now that I've given myself a guilt trip, on with the smiles! :)

1. Free. It's my favorite price for sure! This weekend my husband got to go to the Colts game, with super great 18th row seats, for free. I was so happy for him as he just doesn't get to do those things and it was just a fun time for him to be with the guys. We really appreciate his friend, Tom, for inviting him, so sweet!

2. Water. Did I ever tell you guys how much the peanut loves water. Loves to play in it that is, does not love to have it spilled on her. Whole other story. Anyway, we were at a park with a natural spring this weekend and she just had a blast going from side to side playing in and drinking the water. I so wish I had a picture because at one point she actually stuck her tongue in the spiget, hilarious. And no, I didn't let her keep it there, it was just super funny to see her do it! :)

3. The park. On Saturday we visited my parents and then took the kids to their local park. They actually had no idea it had a playground but I insisted it must (I'm such a mom, we will find play areas anywhere, won't we??) and it sure did. It was absolutely huge and the girls loved it! My husband and my sister's husbands chased them around for about an hour and a half just having the greatest time, loved it!

4. Worship. On Sunday we attended church with some friends instead of our normal church and they just had the most amazing music there. Really fabulous, worship is such a blessing!

5. Growing. Suddenly my belly is just getting huge! Seriously, it's hard and round and full of this sweet little one. How could I not see the miracle of life through that?!?!

6. Friends. While my husband was at the football game on Sunday, the peanut and I went to friend's house, and had such a nice time. The peanut got to play with her daughter's and I got to hang out with what is becoming a very good friend. Such sweet times!

7. Testimony. At our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) steering team meeting on Friday one of the mentors gave her testimony. Is there anything lovelier than hearing how someone came to love our Lord? Just wonderful.

8. Weather. Saturday's weather could not have been more perfect. So, of course we spent lots of time outside soaking it up. Very strange, low 80's in October, but still a beautiful day to be enjoying the last warm days of the year.

9. Low bill. My car has been shorting out fuses for the parking lights super quick and we could not figure out what was the reason. We were thinking this was going to cost some serious money because it is electrical. Thankfully, they were able to find out it was something small, it took them forever so labor was a bit expensive, but compared to what we thought it would be, way manageable!

10. Hook. So recently we've been watching a lot of Peter Pan. Ask me why, I'm not quite sure but the peanut absolutely loves this movie. It's the old Disney cartoon version. So yesterday she found this little bitty wrench we have and was running around the house yelling, "I Hook, I Hook." Oh, aren't kids so creative?

What are you smiling about today?


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Sounds like you have lots to smile about :D I bet you are getting so excited for your new little addition to appear! And I bet your little Peanut will be the best big sister ever! hope you are feeling well these days

Cyndi said...

I am smiling about the end of fall break! Yay!

Sounds like such a nice week! Are you having a better time with the energy levels?

Rebecca said...

lots of great things to smile about! yes, kids are so creative..i love seeing what liberty comes up with every day...so entertaining!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you count your blessings so often, Amy. So often people tend to dwell on the bad things. blessings, gail